One of the greatest things in student life – student card! Get it now!

The Slice app is loaded into a mobile phone and so the student card always stays handily with you. With the Slice student card you can use the student discounts of the National Railway Company of Finland, Matkahuolto and in campus restaurants for the student priced food.

In addition to the student card, a whole group of student discounts and benefits are found in Slice to the members of Laureamko. The benefits are constant discounts and restricted advantages that can be used only once. For example Anton&Anton offers -10 % on all products and as a restricted benefit they give two soup lunches in the price of one for every member.

You can use Slice easily. When you have renewed your membership in our web shop, you can order your password to Slice with e-form. After filling the form you’ll get your password via e-mail. Use it when you are registering to the app. Remember to accept the conditions asked by the application and to give the licences which are needed for the operation of the student card.

Follow these steps:


  1. Buy memeberhip or if you allready have one, skip this step.
  2. Check that your membership info is up to date in our member register.
    • Sing in to your account at
    • Scroll to your membership and click the pen icon.
    • Update your info
    • Psssst. If you haven’t yet used our webshop to buy or renew your membership, but you have one, you can make updates by contacting us on
  3. Order your password to Slice at
    • Use the same info as in member register. When information matches, you can send the form.
    • Fill the form and choose the picture carefully. Information you give will be displayed on your student card and can’t be changed afterwards.
    • NB!If you are ordering password on the same day you bought your membership, it’s possible that information haven’t yet trensfered between register and Slice doesn’t regocnise you as a student. Try again next day and if the problemcontinues, contact
  4. Slice will send you an e-mail with your password.
    • It may take couple of days for the e-mail to arrive.
    • Remember to check your spam folder.
  5. Download Slice app to your mobilephone from app store.
  6. Sign in the app.
    • Remember to give the app all permissions it asks to activate your student card.
  7. Enjoy studet discounts and benefits with Slice!

Got questions? Niina will help you!
Niina Leppälä

Specialist, marketing, communication and member services