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Laureamko supports students through the student life. The Student Union influences and is a part of different working groups affecting Laurea on all levels.
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Apply to the board of Laureamko 2022!

What is the board? The board of Laureamko consists of a president, a vice-president and a maximum of eight board members. The board leads Laureamko’s activities with instructions from the...

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Greetings from Autumn meeting

We're soon getting to towards the end of this Autumn. In the organizations, the end of the year means planning for next year, and this week's autumn meeting of Laureamko's Representative Council was...

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What is service team?

What is a service team ?  The board will be divided into service and advocacy teams at the start of the season. Now we dive into the world of the service team and into the roles and tasks we find...

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Porvoo Appro 2022

Have you wanted to get involved in designing an appro, but haven’t found a good opportunity? Do I need to commit to organizational activities? What about my own studies? Laureamko hears your request...

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