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Laureamko is a community where you can find new friends, learn new skills and have the opportunity to do awesome things! As part of Laureamko, you will be able to enjoy student life from the best possible perspective. Our activities will allow you to grow your networks, meet incredible people, and learn useful skills for working life! And best of all, you can also earn study credits for participating in our activities.

Join us!

As a tutor, it will be your duty to ensure that all new students can get a good head start to their studies. As part of the campus team, it will be your task to arrange successful student events, influence the things about campus that you really care about such as student well-being services, or come up with completely new activities. In the council of representatives, you will get to decide on our organisation’s greater policies, and in the board, you will be presented with the opportunity to implement these policies in practice. Our pop-up activities allow anyone to participate for shorter periods of time, based on each person’s individual interests. Become the voice of the student population as a student representative. In this community, we support one another as we aim towards a more courageous tomorrow.

What you can do in Laureamko?

Tutors - guiding people in their new lives as students

Tutors provide new students with peer support, help, as well as tips and tricks that will help them orient to campus life. Tutors represent the first link that new students at Laurea have when they begin their new lives on campus! Every new student group has its own tutors who are there to provide help with all matters related to Laurea and studying. Tutors are trained twice per year, in the spring and autumn. Tutor activities last one academic year. Tutors can also choose to tutor excahge studens and meet new peolple from around the world.


Campus team - developing the activities of each campus!

Campus teams serve as Laureamko’s local representatives. Every campus has its own independent campus team that looks after your interests and arranges activities for the students of each campus and region. The campus teams also operate Laureamko’s campus offices. The campus teams are free to decide the roles that each member of each team will focus on. Who knows, you might just find yourself gaining leadership experience by acting as a chairperson or arranging events that help promote student well-being as your team’s representative for sports.

When the office door is open, there’s usually coffee available. Come visit your local office and ask more about our activities! Or if you’re interested in doing something specific or completely new, contact your local campus team!

All campus team email addresses correspond to their location: [email protected] (e.g. [email protected])

We got things done in our campus team! And I’ve made plenty of good memories for life!

– Tony Grönholm, campus team member at Leppävaara, 2015-2017

Student representative - let the students be heard

Laureamko coordinates the student representative spots at Laurea and our partner associations. Student representatives act as full members in working groups, and it is their job to let the students’ voice be heard and influence the decisions that are made. There are many different types of student representative spots, such as in Laurea’s Board of Directors, Board of Examiners and student well-being groups. All open student representative spots are advertised on our website as they become available.

The council of representatives - influence Laureamko's grander policies

The council of representatives is an elected group of Laureamko members where each member can influence the direction that the student body should take. The members of the council of representatives, or representatives, get to decide on the following year’s action plan and budget, the size of the membership fee, what the student union should focus on, as well as present their own thoughts during the Council’s meetings on the things that they want to see the student body achieve. Representatives are able to change any rules and regulations that the student body must follow. They also monitor the results of the members of the board, and the board reports regularly to the representatives on its activities.

The council of representatives includes a chairperson, vice-chair and various representatives. Every member of the student body can stand for election either alone or as part of an electoral alliance. For more information on council elections, see the elections page.

You get to influence how the student body’s activities are guided and have your say on common decision-making. At the same time, you also gain experience on strategic leadership work.

– Petri Holopainen, Second Vice-chair of the council of representatives in 2016

The board - activities that matter for the entire student body

The council of representatives that has been elected for the following year selects a new board every autumn, and it is the responsibility of this board to implement the action plan. As a member of the board, you will have the opportunity to participate in the activities that concern the entire student body, such as coordinating tutor activities, developing marketing and communications, defending the rights of our students both in and out of Laurea, as well as planning various types of events. Boardwork can be time-intensive, but it is also the most rewarding activity that any student can participate in, as it teaches you vital skills for working life, such as project management, organisational skills, time management, advocacy activities as well as teamwork skills.

A chairperson and vice-chair are always selected for the board. In addition, the board is divided into service and advocacy teams that focus on different processes and projects, such as municipal advocacy or arranging the annual gala.

Maybe the best part was that I was able to work with so many talented individuals and that I was able to develop my leadership and management skills.
– Minttu Eerola, member of the board in 2014

Pop-Up activities - come join our projects

By participating in our pop-ups, you can provide your input for our activities in a quick and easy way. If you want to arrange an event, create a small campaign, or participate in a current project, contact us with this form (coming soon) and we will guide you to the right spot! For a list of current and future projects, see Projects-page.

What you can learn in Laureamko?


Laureamko does its part to develop and maintain student culture. You can arrange events through the different parts of our organisation. For example, as a member of the campus team, you can plan and arrange events and help your campus team’s events become even better than before. As part of the board’s service team, you will have the opportunity to arrange larger events that are meant for all students, such as the opening party for new students.

When I was part of the team that arranged the opening party, the best part of the process was that I got to work with other people and implement my own vision. Overall, it was the fact that I got to act as the person who could bring together the activity and the people that made it all worth it.
– Riku Simola, member of the board in 2018

Advocacy and influencing

Students have rights that  come from both Finnish law and Laurea’s internal agreements. Monitoring and improving these rights is one of the most significant tasks of the student body. As part of the board’s advocacy team, you will have the opportunity to develop Laurea, influence our stakeholders and the collaborations that we conduct with them, and promote student matters via our umbrella organisation SAMOK on the national level. Advocacy includes for example managing feedback, and as a tutor you will be able to present the feedback that you have received from new students. As part of the advocacy team, you will get to act in the front lines if the rights of Laurea students are ever being threatened.

Laureamko’s advocacy work will allow you to really influence the things and themes that you’re passionate about, be it Laurea’s community or your home city. With the right attitude, no question is too impossible to address.
– Juho Kärkkäinen, chairperson of the board in 2016

Developing the organisation

The world of higher education is under constant change, and our student body is not immune to these changes. Organisational development focuses on reviewing processes, improving efficiency and finding new operating methods. This development work can be performed at any time and by anyone. The best benefit can be achieved by participating actively in any part of the organisation and helping develop it further. The greatest development opportunities can be found in the board and council of representatives, which focus on e.g. the budget and activity policies for the following year.

By developing our activities, we have been able to bring Laureamko closer to the student body and make it more approachable. Laureamko has also worked on its influence, which has increased the number of methods that it can use to promote student perspectives and be heard when it comes to the issues that matter to Laurea’s students.
– Sarah Takolander, vice-chair of the board in 2017

Marketing and communications

Do you want to plan and design posters, banners or other illustrations? Do you have a passion for implementing marketing campaigns or communications plans? Are you a future social media guru? If you are interested in these types of activities, then your campus team and the board are the places for you! We conduct marketing and communication activities all year round, and participating in these is a fantastic method for developing your future professional skills.

The marketing and communications skills that I honed during my time in the student union have helped me in my current career. I had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. There’s no better way to learn.
– Anni Suvisuo, chairperson of the board in 2015

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the previous examples, Laureamko features plenty of other things for you to do. The only limit is your imagination. Do you want to create your thesis for or conduct your internship at Laureamko, for example? If so, you should contact our Executive Director.

Applying for study credits

All student activities are eligible for study credits! Laurea has three modules for study credits, two of which are meant for student activities and one for tutors. These modules allow students to receive between 5 and 35 study points for fulfilling their own learning objectives. To apply for the points and demonstrate that you have reached your learning objectives, create a personal portfolio on your activities or tutoring work. This portfolio is delivered to the demonstration group along with a request for the number of study points, after which the group will evaluate the portfolio and assess whether the learning objectives have been met, and finally issue the final number of study points. For more information on how to apply for study points, visit here.

Sign up!

Are you interested in participating in the activities of the student union, but you don’t know who to contact? Do you have some idea / event / campaign that you would like to arrange? Email to us (laureamko[at]laureamko.fi), and we will guide you to the right place or person who can help you!