We as a student union want that you get as much as possible out of your studies. We organize a variety of events throughout the year at all campuses. Events are supposed to provide an opportunity for fun alongside your studies. Check out the event calender and come spend time with us. So that you wouldn’t leave this page empty-handed, we wanted to open up to you a few of the best known annual events.

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Freshman Party

The Freshman Party is organized always in the beginning of the semester twice a year for freshmen. The theme of the freshman party varies every time.

The event consists of a checkpoint tour in Helsinki center and then an afterparty, where the older students are also welcome. Checkpoints are completed in teams the freshman sign-up in.

First Party of the Year & Summer End Party

Before the Freshman Party Laureamko organizes the first event of the semester, where freshmen and older students returning from vacation meet. The name of these semester’s first parties vary, but the excellent atmosphere always remains.

Coverall Ritual

In the Coverall Ritual you get your coveralls officially ritualized through checkpoints and an official coverall oath. Then you will receive the official Coverall Ritual patch, which will serve you during the whole student life on your coveralls. The Coverall Ritual is an event in which your coveralls are put to test, you’ll learn the official coverall etiquette, pledge an coverall oath and raise a toast.

Laureamko’s May Day

Wappu and the week (weeks) before is the ultimate student party time. During the week before May Day (1st of May) Laureamko organizes for example Coverall Ritual. On May Day we gather together with the student unions from the metropolitan area to Kaivopuisto and spend the day together.

Annual Ball

The Annual Ball is traditionally the most stylish event of the year. The dresscode is usually dark suit, for women evening dress. After the welcoming toast starts a three-course meal and group singing. Order is maintained with a master of a ceremony. Annual ball continues with dances and afterparty. Often the afterparty continues with the morning after party / brunch (in Finnish “sillis”).

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