Council of representatives

in a nutshell

The Council of Representatives is the uppermost decision-maker of Laureamko. Members and deputies, who represent the students’ voice, are chosen to the Council at the election. The representatives make decisions on the budget, on the plan of action and on the political lines at its meetings, among other things.

Get elected!

Do you want to decide how Laureamko budgets money? Do you want to change the objectives lobbied by your student union? Get elected to the Council of Representatives and take the power in your own hands!

Becoming a representative is an efficient way to make a difference but also a good learning experience. As a rep you get to know the student union’s budgeting, ways to plan and evaluate operations and strategic leadership. Furthermore as a representative you can get involved in many things according to your own interests. These topic can include developing the education, marketing the membership, improving student union’s services, student well-being or even sport services in higher education. You can even get credits from your activities.

Representative and more

As a member of council you can apply for the following tasks:

• the president
• the vice-president

The president convenes the representatives and leads the meetings. They have the help of the executive director who serves as the secretary of the Council of Representatives. The president and vice-president are also invited to the meetings of the board.

Results of the previous elections