Zone – Universities of Applied Sciences Sport Services are the key for a healthy weekday and active future.

As a member of the student union you are entitled to use Zone Sport services (value 59-69€). The services can be used with a Sport pass. It is made to support the active and sporty higher education life, from beginners to athletes. With the sport pass you get to use use nine gyms, 50 hours of instructed classes, discounts from sport courses, free ball games and badminton reservations.

You can activate the sport pass in the nearest Zone customer service point. In Laurea you can get the services in Leppävaara, Otaniemi or Tikkurila campus office. Before that, go to, click the yellow menu “Log in” and create yourself an account. After that you can go pick up the sport pass. Note! If you have had the sport pass before, DO NOT create a new account for yourself! You can get the new sport season to the old profile. For a lost sport pass we charge 5€, so be careful with the pass.

When picking up the sport pass, you can reclaim the use of Yogobe yoga services (value 199€). Yogobe offers videos together with leading nordic teachers about yoga, training and health. The service supports you to take sport as a part of your every day life and the material in the internet helps you to make a regular routine! You can get active anywhere and any time. If some reason you don’t want the sport pass, but you want to use the Yogobe services, do as followed:

1. Register as a Zone user (profile is needed to activate the code).
-> you can register by going to and click the right top corner “Log in” -> create a new account.
2. Send an email to laureamko[at], and ask for a Yogobe code.
3. We will send you the code and registration instructions by email.
4. Activate the code as said in the instructions and enjoy the versatile services of Yogobe.

Sports Pass (Autumn) school staff and non-members 59 € and Gym Pass (Autumn) only 15€. Sports Pass (Academic Year) school staff and non-members 69 € and Gym Pass (Academic Year) only 20€. Buy your now from Laureamko’s offices (Leppävaara, Otaniemi and Tikkurila).

 More information and all instructed classes and courses you will find