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Laurea students have the opportunity to get to guide other students in several different ways. Opportunities provided by Laureamko and apply can be found underneath. Apply on October!

Student tutoring

Tutors can be recognized from the pink t-shirt with the tutoring logo and of course their positive and welcoming attitude.

Most important duties of student tutors are guiding students in to the world of studies, Laurea and degree programme practicalities. Student tutors tutor English and Finnish degree students as well as incoming exchange students. Tutors also familiarize the new students to the student life and they organize the Shadow Freshman party and the Freshman Party together with Laureamko and also arrange other group spirit forming situations.

More info about student tutoring and about applying can be found here.

Sports tutoring

The goal of sports tutors is to encourage others to take part in sports activities.

Sports tutoring is a form of peer activity in which students encourage other students to be more active. Both new residents in the Uusimaa area as well as earlier inhabitants can find new sports opportunities with the help of the sports tutors.

Sports tutors have a central position in advertising the sports and excersise opportunities to other students. Sports tutors also act as a feedback channel concerning the sports services of the UAS so that the services can be developed further.

You can find out more about the sports events and other happenings by following Zone tutors Facebook page:

Zone tutors