As a student body, we want to provide you benefits that ensure you are having the best time of your life!

Laureamkos services


Get Overalls and other products easily from our offices. Just walk in and buy what ever products you want. As a member you can visit any of our offices. Opening hours and locations can be found here.

Online services

We want serve you where ever you are and we’re happy to offer you versatile online services. You can buy event tickets or our membership easily from our online store, In addition, we also have a chat on our web page, where you can ask anything related with the student union. The chat serves you on weekdays. You can also leave us questions trough the chat even if it isn’t open. Remember in that case to also write us your contact information, so that we’ll be able to answer you.

One membership, seven student union’s selection

As a member of Laureamko you get to enjoy the member benefits and services of seven student unions. You will get -50% discount from event tickets and products (excluded a few exceptions, for example the Annual ball). In addition you can visit and shop in every office the cooperation student unions have (ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, METKA, O’Diako adn TUO).

Zone Sport services

As a member of the student union you are entitled to use Zone Sport services with a great discount! As a member you get a Sport Pass for 10 € / semester (for non-members 59 € / semester). It is made to support the active and sporty higher education life, from beginners to athletes. With the sport pass you get to use use gyms on several campuses, 20 hours of instructed classes, discounts from sport courses, free ball games and badminton reservations.
How to get the Sport Pass? Buy your Zone’s Sport Pass from our online store (sales starts on August) and register to be a user at, click the yellow menu “Log in” and create yourself an account.Sports Pass (autumn) school staff and non-members 59 € and Gym Pass (autumn) 15€.


Be sure to take advantage of the Yogobe yoga service that is part of your membership (value 199€). Yogobe offers videos together with leading nordic teachers about yoga, training and health. The service supports you to take sport as a part of your everyday life and the material on the internet helps you to make a regular routine! You can get active anywhere and any time. If some reason you don’t want the sport pass, but you want to use the Yogobe services, do as followed:


  1. Send an email to laureamko[at], and ask for a Yogobe code.
  2. We will send you the code and registration instructions by email.
  3. Activate the code as said in the instructions and enjoy the versatile services of Yogobe.

Slice – your student card

The Slice app is loaded into a mobile phone and so the student card always stays handily with you. With the Slice student card you can use the student discounts of the National Railway Company of Finland, Matkahuolto and in campus restaurants for the student priced food.