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Important contacts with the professional life are created during studies.
Laurea has professionals graduating from 16 study programs, 7 of which are in English. The study programs include Beauty Care, Business Information Technology, Business Management, Facility Management, Hospitality Management, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Restaurant Entrepeneurship, Security Management, Social Services and Tourism. You can also study in a Master’s programme in Laurea. Laurea has almost 8000 students in Uusimaa.
The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is an organisation within Laurea working to protect the interests of students and providing various services.

We arrange many events every year and we are pleased to offer our partners visibility in our events, our printed calendars, on our overalls or as a banner on our website among other things.

If you are interested in marketing your organisation to Laurea students do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find a form of cooperation that suits your needs.

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