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Laureamko supports students during studies and improves students wellbeing with Laurea. Laureamko’s office serves you at every campus with our great Laureamko actors. Want to know about all the best new student card discounts, events and other interesting news? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and check our website

Your tutors

Laureamko’s tutors also want to welcome you to Laurea, check out their greeting below!

We, Laureamko, are here for you from the very beginning. Each campus has their own tutors who will help and guide you especially during the first weeks. The tutors will help you get into the student life and arrange some awesome activities, such as the Shadow Freshman party. Feel free to contact your tutors, they are here for you!

The groups’ purpose is also to share information about what’s going on in the fall, so hurry up and join!

Congratulations once more and see you in the next semester! 

Join our groups and get to know other students!

Your Facebook and Whatsapp Groups

Here is the Facebook group for all students of Laurea and here you can find the link to our Laurea Exchange Students Fall 2021 Facebook group.

Below you can find Facebook and/or Whatsapp group of your own campus.


Your Student Union at Discord!

Discord is an online community platform where you can e.g. network, meet friends or hang out with your class. The platform has voice & text channels and streaming capability.

At Discord, you will also find, for example, channels for each industry where you can seek peer support or share your feelings about studying in your field. Laureamko’s activists will be on duty at the virtual campus office from Tuesday and Wednesday from 17.8. from onward. On the Ask Laureamko channel, you can ask about anything that troubles you about studies! On the Lauremko informs channel, you will find tips for the week every Monday. Discord is also a great platform for online events. Come network with other students and make new friends!

You can find Laureamko’s Discord here.

Degree Camp

A chance to get to know other students from the Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia degree programs outside of the campus! Helga, Laureamko and METKA and the parish union of Helsinki will arrange an overnight getaway at the beautiful Porkkala course center on September 10th-11th. More info and the sign up can be found here!

Your Student Union

What is Laureamko?

The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is also known by the name Laureamko. Every university of applied sciences has a student union which protects the interests of all students. All the students of Laurea can join the student union by paying a membership fee and all members get a student card (acts as an official testimony of being a student). When you are our member, you have even better best time of your life when you are studying in Laurea!

Laureamko’s duty is also to make sure the quality of education and student wellbeing is secured and to offer services for the students. Laureamko organizes events and often works as a stepping stone for active students interested in advocacy. Laureamko has an office and actives on every Laurea Campus. All our offices are open for every one so you can come there to say hello, meet new people or just hang out. Opening hours can be found here on our website. We have excellent services and we help you where ever you are: Laureamko Chat helps you on our website and from our online store you can buy e.g. coverall patches or renew your membership.

How to join Laureamko?

You can join Laureamko after you got your student number. More info about student number and Laurea user account is here.

Join Laureamko and enjoy the best time of your life with our services! It’s easy to join.

  1. Go to buy the correct membership from here (sale starts on 1st of August)
  2. Scroll down and select Memberships: Laureamkon jäsenyys / Membership of Laureamko.
  3. Log in to the web store with your Facebook account or with previously created Kide.app account. If you haven’t made an account yet, you can create one by clicking “Create an account”.
  4. Select the membership you want and fill out the application form.
  5. After filling out the application form you can go and pay the membership that you have selected. Before the payment you can also continue shopping in the web store and get other products such as tickets to the next student event or delivery for the Zone Sport Pass (includes the membership, read more below) at the same time.
  6. After this you can start using our digital student card, Slice (more info about Slice here). Note: the Slice app doesn’t need Finnish social security number, just the membership, email and student number.
Prices and validity of memberships:
  • 4 years membership 158 € (valid until 30.9.2025​​)
  • 3,5 years membership 140 € (valid until 31.1.2025)
  • 3 years membership 126 € (valid until 30.9.2024)
  • 2 years membership 95 € (valid until 30.9.2023)
  • Academic Year 2021-2022 membership 52 € (valid until 30.9.2022)
  • Fall semester 2021 membership 30 € (valid until 31.1.2022)

As a member you can buy event tickets and products for member price (up to -50 %) from us and also from our partner student unions (ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, METKA, TUO and O’Diako). You also get Zone Sport Pass (more info below).

Everything you should know about student culture

What student coveralls?

Student life is the best time of your life – in coveralls!

Coveralls are a student’s uniform, a clothing for almost any student event. With coverall you don’t need to worry about your fine clothes getting dirty. Every mark on your coveralls is a sign of an active student life and makes you one memory more. In Laurea we have unified coveralls for everyone – Laureamko’s purple. They are a mark of a sense of community among students. Thanks to the colour and Laurea or Laureamko logo on coveralls you can spot easily other Laurea students in events around Finland. Because of historical reasons some beautycare students can choose pink coveralls but we are still the same group.

Coverall patches can be memories from different events and they can message others what degree you are studying at. The point is that you can collect patches by purchasing them at Laureamko offices and by participating in various student events around Finland. You can also buy coverall patches online from Laureamko Shop.

There are rules and traditions. Check out the Coverall etiquette and you will know everything you need to know about coveralls.

Purchase your coveralls: Laureamko offices

History of coveralls
The first student coveralls were seen around the 50’s – 60’s and were originated from Sweden. Proper and more general use of student coveralls started during the 70’s and 80’s. The students of UAS’s adopted the culture of university students right from the beginning in the early 90’s. As Laurea student you are the next generation continuing the culture further!


Hox! In the fall of 2021, it is possible that the format of implementation of events shall be changed if Coronation situation requires it. Let’s take care of safety together. ♥

Freshman Party is probably the most memorable party of your student life. In Laureamko Freshman Party consists of a day and after party events. During the day event freshmen and the exchange students have a fun checkpoint tour around Helsinki or Kaivopuisto in groups.

Do you want to know more about different student events? Here you can read more about different kinds of events (e.g. Appro aka pub crawl event). Also follow Laureamko on Facebook and Instagram and ask your tutor for more info!

Pink Weeks

During the orientation weeks for new students, Laurea University of Applied Sciences’ student union Laureamko organizes Pink Weeks. The purpose of the weeks is to organize various events and a program for both new and continuing students. The program is organized by tutors, campus teams and Laureamko’s board. Read more from Facebook event!


Zone – Sport Services for our students

As a member of the student union you are entitled to use Zone Sport services (value 59-69 €). The services can be used with a Sport pass. It is made to support the active and sporty higher education life, from beginners to athletes. With the sport pass you get to use use nine gyms, 40 hours of instructed classes, discounts from sport courses, free ball games and badminton reservations.

You can activate the sport pass in the nearest Zone customer service point. In Laurea you can get the services in Leppävaara, Otaniemi or Tikkurila campus office or you can buy the delivery for the sport pass from our online store. Before that, go to www.zonesports.fi, click the yellow menu “Log in” and create yourself an account. After that you can go pick up the sport pass. Note! For a lost sport pass we charge 5 €, so be careful with the pass.

Yogobe – online Yoga services

When picking up the sport pass, you can reclaim the use of Yogobe yoga services (value 199€). Yogobe offers videos together with leading nordic teachers about yoga, training and health. The service supports you to take sport as a part of your every day life and the material in the internet helps you to make a regular routine! You can get active anywhere and any time. If some reason you don’t want the sport pass, but you want to use the Yogobe services, do as followed:

1. Register as a Zone user (profile is needed to activate the code).
    → you can register by going to www.zonesports.fi and click the right top corner “Log in” → create a new account.
2. Send an email to laureamko[at]laureamko.fi, and ask for a Yogobe code.
3. We will send you the code and registration instructions by email.
4. Activate the code as said in the instructions and enjoy the versatile services of Yogobe.

Sports Pass (autumn) school staff and non-members 59 € and Gym Pass (autumn) 15€. Buy your now from Laureamko’s offices (Leppävaara, Otaniemi and Tikkurila).

More information and all instructed classes and courses you will find www.zonesports.fi.

You can also find Sports Services from social media:

Facebook: Zone-liikuntapalvelut
Instagram: Zone_liikuntapalvelut