student union


Laureamko supports students through the student life. The Student Union influences and is a part of different working groups affecting Laurea on all levels. There is a Laureamko office on every Laurea campus and Laureamko actives for you. You can also become an active on many levels. For example you can be chosen to become a tutor, a member of the Council of Representatives, the Board or a Laureamko campus actor.

The Student Union

The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is also known by the name Laureamko. Every university of applied sciences has a student union which protects the interests of all students. From Laureamko you can order your official nationwide student card with discounts e.g. all around Finland.

Laureamko’s duty is also to make sure the quality of education and student wellbeing is secured and to offer services for the students. Laureamko organizes events and often works as a stepping stone for active students interested in advocacy. Laureamko has an office and actives on every Laurea campus

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