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Laurea University of Applied Sciences’ student union Laureamko offers Laurea students the Slice student card, which gives them great benefits all over Finland. The Student Union oversees the interests of all Laurea students; the quality of education and student well-being. In addition, Laureamko offers many services, such as tutoring and events.

The Student Union

By law, every university of applied sciences must have a student union, whose role is to promote the social, civic and intellectual aspirations of its members and the position of students in society. 

Laureamko supports students and contributes to the well-being of Laurea students during their studies. The Student Union participates in Laurea working groups to ensure equal treatment regardless of student, campus or programme.

Laureamko also offers the Slice student card, which gives students discounts throughout Finland.


We serve and support you where you are, when you need us!


Laureamko’s most important asset is its Student Union members – you! The role of the Students’ Union is to connect students and make their voices heard. Laureamko’s trustees carry out their role to support students in their daily lives. We have a lot of fun with our activities, but we do this for our members. Together we are more, so come and join us!

Council of Representatives

The highest decision-making body of the Student Union is the Council of Representatives, which is elected by the members of the Student Union for a period of one year. The Council of Representatives decides on the main lines of action, appoints the Executive Board and the statutory student representatives, directs and supervises the activities of the Executive Board and directs the work on a strategic level. The Council consists of 15 members and their deputies. Board meetings are open to all members, which means that anyone with a student card can come along and observe the decision-making process.

The Board of Student Union

The Board of Student Union (Executive Board), appointed by the Council of Representatives, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Student Union. The Board decides on the Union’s purchases, participates in various working groups and meetings, organises events, organises various member services such as tutoring and much more. The Board is divided into Service and Advocacy Teams.


The Students’ Union Trustees are supported by paid employees. They provide specialist support in organising administration, training trustees, helping with lobbying and developing activities in conjunction with the rest of the Students’ Union. But don’t think you can’t see them, for example, as organisers of the Freshers party.

Advocacy Team

The Board’s Advocacy Team contributes to the development of Laurea by participating in various working groups, actively lobbying stakeholders and making the students’ voice heard. The Advocacy Team meets with Laurea’s highest management and local politicians. The advocacy team also promotes the students’ cause through our umbrella organisation SAMOK, whose members meet with national decision makers such as ministers.

Service Team

he Board’s Service Team is responsible for coordinating the services provided by the Students’ Union, such as the Student Card, sports facilities, events and tutoring. The Service Team also supports club activities and promotes the maintenance of student traditions. The main responsibility of the Service Team is to provide customer service, i.e. to help you with any questions or problems you may have. You can contact us by email, social media or chat.

Campus Teams

All Laureamko campuses have a Campus Team made up of students from that campus. The Campus Team carries out local advocacy, organises events and runs the Laureamko Campus Office, where you can get help and support as well as a range of merchandise. The Campus Team works under the guidance of the Board, but with its own identity – where you are. The best way to reach the campus team is via Instagram or by sending an email to kampus [at] (e.g. hyvinkaa [at]

Student Representatives

As part of Laureamko’s statutory role, the Student Union includes a large number of student representatives in its administration. Their role is to ensure that the student voice is heard at all levels of the Laurea. Whether it’s through the Degree Development Groups, the Degree Board or the Laurea Executive Committee, you can be sure we’re there. Most of our student representatives are also involved in other Students’ Union trustee positions or other Association activities, but anyone can apply.

Student Tutors

Laureamko tutors are a source of support and reassurance for new students, brightening the day and bringing order to the initial confusion. Tutors provide advice and guidance to students in the early stages of their studies. Laureamko trains tutors and the next application for a tutor is in the spring.

Student welfare service

Laurea supports student welfare by offering the services of a special education teacher, a counsellor, a psychologist and student chaplains. For more information on how to contact the Laurea welfare officers, please visit the Laurea website.

Student welfare service

Laurea Tradenomiopiskelijat-LATO ry is a student association for Laurea BBA students. LATO ry improves the knowledge and skills of its members in the world of work, raises the morale of business students and otherwise speaks up for business students.

LATO ry is a member association of the national Tradenomiopiskelijat ry. Through the Tradenomiopiskelijat ry, members are entitled to all the services of the association, including advice from employment lawyers. The Tradenomiopiskelijat is a trade union, which is reflected in its advocacy priorities, such as career planning and reconciling study and work.

Laurean restonomiopiskelijayhdistys ry (LARE) is a student association for Laurea’s Hospitality Management & Service Design students.

Laurean tietojenkäsittelyopiskelijat Jenkins ry is a subject association of Laurean Computer Science students. It is an association that promotes the interests of computer science students and organises events for its members and the student community. Jenkins ry is a member association of the Business Administration Students’ Union.

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