New year and new winds? How about participating in the Student Union project (or why not even more than one)? We currently have nine projects open and many are open to all students. Our activities can be studied so you can also earn study credits! We will also write a certificate of your participation upon completion of the project if requested.

What would it sound like, for example, to be developing club activities for Laurea students? What kind of clubs should we have? In this project, you will play a key role in planning your future student clubs and you are part of adding a sense of community to Laurea. Alternatively would you be interested in creating the greatest online adventure ever? Suuri verkkoseikkaulu (the Great Online Event) project allows you to develop better event offerings for them too, who don’t live nearby our campuses or who don’t want to participate in live events.

Read more about our projects here. Application for projects is done by emailing the project manager by Monday 14.2.2022. You can also ask the project manager for more information about the project if you are interested, but you want to know more before applying.