Four of five students will work during her studies at some stage. Particularly the working life calls several students during the summer. Summer jobs are a way to fund studying during the academic year. Summer jobs are also a great opportunity to show skills and secure a career. Therefore students are often the flexible and hard working ones in their jobs. Sometime even at the expense of personal well-being. So now is the perfect time to check the rights and duties in working life.

In addition to the labour legislation, the employment is regulated by the collective labour agreements and of course the contract of employment. The worker’s rights and duties go hand in hand with the employer’s rights and duties.

The employer’s rights The worker’s duties
the employer has the right to decide when, how and where the work is done to perform the work carefully following the instructions of the management
The employer’s duties The worker’s rights
salary paymentresponsibility for the workers’ safetythe workers’ impartial treatment salary which is in accordance with the collective labour agreementsafe and healthy working environment and workthe workers’ impartial treatment

The safety and work welfare of the job are common matters of worker’s and the employer’s and oblige both. On the one hand the employer must not order a worker to the work which endangers hers or other persons’ health and safety. On the other hand, the worker has a duty to inform an employer of safety shortcomings. The worker also has a duty to present proposals for the improvement of the work welfare.

The worker is bound by the loyalty obligation which forbids the competition with the employer. For example the Bachelor of Business Administration student who works in the consultant firm must not run a competing consulting firm or consultant business name on her leisure time. On the basis of the loyalty obligation the worker also has to keep secret the information which injures the employer. Although the worker has a right to a freedom of speech and expression, demarcation between these and the loyalty obligation is sometimes challenging. Also the employer has to be loyal to the workers and has to pay attention to their advantage. The employer also must promote the worker’ career and take care of the proper training to the job and different tasks.

During the summer students often have temporary and fixed-term employment contracts. They have their own specific rights and duties. For instance temporary workers must be treated equally with other workers, in other words the terms of employment must not be less advantageous than those of others without a matter-of-fact reason. Fixed-term contract of employment cannot be annulled or cannot be discontinued without a mutual agreement.

If you have questions on worker’s ringhts and duties rise the matter with your manager. You can also contact your trade union or Summer job helpline.

Laureamko wishes everyone inspirational moments during their summer jobs!