Laureamko’s Wappu -24

The biggest and most anticipated student event is here, Wappu!

Lot’s of things to do, activities and above all STUDENTS <3

Come and celebrate Wappu with us, you do NOT want to miss this party!

Countdown to Wappu!








Spring, sun, birds… And of course WAPPU!


The most important and biggest party of the student year is here again! At last, it’s time to dig out the overalls and get ready to celebrate Wappu with Laureamko. There will be plenty of fun event’s for every taste.

Was it the last time you felt like Wappu ended too soon? Don’t worry, this year Laureamko will celebrate wappu for 15 (+1) whole days! Check out the event offer and come and celebrate the student party of your life together with Laureamko and other students.

Psst! This year, Laureamko has hot two partners to celebrate Wappu, so it’s worth checking out the event section carefully!

Laureamko’s Wappu in a nutshell:

May Day is said to be a significant celebration for students, and anticipation is always good. For students, the May Day celebration starts well in advance in April and doesn’t end until May 1.

It is a tradition to go around several events during Wappu and collect stamps as proof of participation.

By completing a certain number of events, you will receive an official Laureamko badge, depending on how many years the participant has completed.


Laureamko’s Wappupass instructions

– Wappupass can be purchased from
– Member and non-member versions of the pass are on sale.
– You can pick up your Wappupass from Laureamko’s campus offices on 10 April. Forward and from Laureamko wappu events for an unused ticket.
– You can get a stamp for all the Wappu events of Helga, Laureamko and METKA in your Wappupass.
– You get one stamp in your Wappupass from the event.
– The Wappupass is stamped at events during the ticket inspection.
– If you participate in two events during the same day, you have the right to get stamps from both of the events.
– Getting a Wappupass does not guarantee a ticket to Wappu events.
– With the Laureamko’s Wappupass, you can get tickets at a cheaper price from Laureamko’s Wappu events.
– By collecting five (5) stamps you get a special Wappu badge and by collecting twelve (12) stamps you get a special Wappu diploma badge!
– The badge can be redeemed on May Day (May 1st) at the Laureamko tent in Kaivarin Wappu event.
– If you’ve lost your Wappupass or you have not received a stamp from the event for an unknown reason, you must be in contact with the student union in question.
– Basically, a lost Wappupass will not be replaced, so keep it safe during Wappu’s excursions <3

– You can also participate in Wappu events without a pass, Laureamko’s Wappu is aimed at all Laurea students <3

Wappupass user manual in a nutshell:


1. Check out the event offer and buy your tickets on Kide.App

2. Take your Wappupassi with you to every event

3. In the event (incl. Metka and Helga’s Wappu events) you will get ONE (1) stamp in your Wappupassi

4. Collect five (5) stamps in your passport and earn your annual achievement badge

5. Redeem your overall badge against your Wappupassi at Kaivarin Wappu (1.5.) Kaivopuisto from Laureamko tent

Wappu diploma badge:
collect 12 stamps and claim a unique wappu diploma badge.

Although Wapu is buzzing and bustling, remember to keep your Wappupassi SAFE and ALWAYS WITH you when you arrive at the event!

A lost passport will not be replaced

With Wappupass, all Wappu events in one place!


Visit at least five (5) events. Get stamps from the events to this pass and return the pass to Laureamko’s tent at Kaivarin vappu. Those who get at least five stamps will get a magnificent Wappu overall patch coverall brand, which is determined by the year of performance.

For even more dedicated Wappu celebrators, we offer a Wappu diploma overall badge if you complete twelve (12) events and collect the stamps as proof.

You can also collect stamps from the events of other 3AMK student unions! This means you can get a stamp to this pass also from the Wappu events of Helga and METKA

NOTE! The 3AMK partnership is designed to make your Wappu more flexible:

You can choose the events that interest you most and select e.g. free events.

By purchasing a Laureamko’s Wappu Pass, you will be entitled to member-priced

tickets only for Laureamko’s Wappu events. However, you can buy a regular-priced ticket to METKA’s and Helga’s Wappu events and earn a stamp on your pass from them.

When you buy a Laureamko Wappupass, you can only pick it up at Laureamko Wappu events or at Laureamko’s campus offices.


You can buy Laureamko products for Wappu at! Tickets for Wappu events are also available here.

Events of Wappu!


Below you can see Laureamko’s student events for Wappu. Don’t forget to also check out Helga’s and METKA’s Wappu events!

You also get the benefits of Wappupass and a stamp on your Wappupass from the events of our partner student unions.

So remember to check out what events Helga and METKA has to offer.

0. Wapun Waraslähtö (Wappu head start)

Feeling like the endless grayness of everyday life and unfinished coursework weigh you down day after day? Are your coveralls sadly hanging on the hanger and it seems like Wappu will never come? No worries, we have a solution for you! Come join us in celebrating WAPUN WARASLÄHTÖ (PRE-MAY DAY PARTY) AT MAXINE on April 4th! The tickets go on sale tomorrow, Monday 13th at 14pm.

HUMAKO’s and Laureamko’s Wapun Waraslähtö kicks off the student Wappu celebrations in the capital region this year earlier than ever and it’s the first official event of Laureamko’s Wappu. At Wapun Waraslähtö you can pick up your Wappupass and get the first stamp just by showing up! Additionally, there will be 500 coverall patches available for the first arrivals, so it’s worth heading to Maxine early.

The event follows the principles of safer space by HUMAKO and Laureamko. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, or trans- and homophobia at the event. The harassment liaison contact persons for the event will be announced at a later date on both HUMAKO’s and Laureamko’s social media channels.


WHERE: Maxine

WHEN: Thursday, April 4th, starting at 10:00 PM

PRICE: 4 euros for members and with the Wappupass, 8 euros for non-members


The member price applies to members of ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, JAMKO, Laureamko, METKA, O’Diako, and TUO.

Buy Wapun Waraslähtö event’s tickets from

1. Lenni's Candy Day

Lenni´s candy day is back again!

In Lenni’s candy day you will prepare different Wappu treats in your own kitchen, following a virtual recipe map and recipe book. Each taskpoint can also be completed in alternative ways, which are listed in the recipe book! So if you’re not in the mood for making something specific, you can concentrate on the beautiful presentation or on the May Day atmosphere of the dish, for example.

So what exactly are you doing on Lenni’s candy day:
1. Make a variety of treats from Lenni’s recipe book, with yourself or with others
2. Take pictures of the finished creations
3. Return the photos to the Seppo game’s platform
4. You can get the overall patch from other Wappu events or by mailing

You can make the Wappu treats between 4th of April and 1st of May. Remember to take photos of your creations! You need to make at least two (2) recipes from each category (savory, sweet, beverages). Within the same time frame, you may also return your pictures to the Seppo game platform after making the treats.

You can find the recipe book and the return link for the Seppo game after purchasing your ticket as follows:
-> wallet
-> Lennin karkkipäivä event ticket
-> ”Show description”

Instructions for getting the stamp for Wappupass (if you have one) will be included with the return of the photos in the Seppo game platform.

The event is part of Laureamko’s Wappu, so by participating in this event you are one stamp closer to the official Wappu patch! By purchasing a Wappupass and participating in at least five (5) Laureamko’s Wappu events, you will receive the official Wappu patch on your overalls according to your performance year.

Buy Lenni’s Candy Day event ticket from

2. Lohjan Herkkuapprot

Lohjas’ Herkkuappro is back on Thursday 18th of April. The event takes place in cafeterias located in Lohjas’ center where you’ll visit enjoying treats casually. Come by yourself or together with friends to enjoy mouth-watering delicacies!

What: Lohjas’ herkkuappro
Where: At Lohja
When: 18th of April @ 16-19
Price: Members 3€/ With Wappu pass 3€/Non-member 6€

Collect 6 stamps in your appro-pass and enjoy the treats! You can pick up your appro-pass and coverall patch @ Toast in Suurlohjankatu 9.

This event is part of Laureamko’s Wappu which means that by participating you are one stamp closer to getting the official Wappu patch! If you buy the Wappu pass and participate in 5 Laureamko’s Wappu events minimum you get the official Wappu patch for your coveralls.

Buy Lohja’s Herkkuappro event tickets from

4. HUMAKOn Wappubingo

Welcome to the lively Wappubingo with HUMAKO!

Get ready for a thrilling bingo atmosphere and amazing (wappu) themed prizes accompanied by cheerful bingo hosts. The bingo balls will be spinning in the heart of Kallio at Mascot Bar & Live Stage on Friday, April 19th starting from 17:15 onwards. Please arrive on time as the first bingo round begins at 17:45! Multiple bingo rounds will be played and the event ticket entitles you to participate in each round. Additionally a coverall patch is included in the price.

The tickets go on sale on Monday 18th of March at 2pm!

Trade Union Jyty and Kaalimato are helping to make Wappubingo possible! The event is part of Laureamko’s Wappu and participation will earn you a stamp in your Wappu pass.

WHAT: HUMAKO’s Wappubingo

WHERE: Mascot Bar & Live Stage (Neljäs linja 2, 00530 Helsinki)

WHEN: Friday, April 19th starting from 17:15

PRICE: 4e for members or with a Wappupass, 8e for non-members

DRESS CODE: Coveralls and/or casual attire

Member price is valid for ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, Helga, METKA, O’Diak, and TUO members.

Buy HUMAKO’s Wappubingo event ticket from

4. Seikkailu suomenlinna (Adventure in Suomenlinna )
Vappu and Suomenlinna are calling!

This year ESN Helga, ESN Laurea and ESN Metropolia together draft you all for a special mission of Operation Suomenlinna to the historical Sea Fortress of Helsinki!

As part of the 3AMK Vappu Weeks of Helga, Laureamko and Metka, Operation Suomenlinna is a checkpoint race where you perform different tasks and challenges, but at the same time you all have a special mission to conclude:

Our mascots, Cornelius, Harry and Matti, have escaped from us and are preparing to ruin everyone’s Vappu! We need your help to catch them before it’s too late. The mascots have a hide-out somewhere in the Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna, and they have mounted obstacles to keep everyone far away from their whereabouts.

To complete Operation Suomenlinna you need to overcome a number of special missions at checkpoints and gather clues to locate the mascots before they manage to take Vappu away from us!

Gather your group of special forces and prepare to conquer this important operation to save Vappu!

The whole checkpoint race takes place in Suomenlinna starting from Iso Mustasaari.


WHAT: Operation Suomenlinna – ESN’s Vappu Event

WHEN: Saturday 20.4. at 14:00 – 20:00

WHERE: Suomenlinna Sea Fortess

DRESSCODE: Coveralls


– Wappu Pass / Member: 4 €
– No Pass / Non-member: 8 €


Operation Suomenlinna (

5. Haalaripomppiaiset

Get ready to bounce with Laureamko and HUMAKO at Superpark!

Unleash your inner daredevil. Laureamko and HUMAKO are organising a private event at Superpark in Vantaa as part of the Laureamko Wappu. There will be trampolines, slides, skate ramps, padel, foam cube pit, games and much more at a student-friendly price. This event is not short of adrenaline and speed.

So put on your overalls and come and get rowdy with your fellow students!

WHAT: Bouncing in overalls at SuperPark in Vantaa.

WHERE: Vantaa SuperPark, Tammiston kauppatie 13, 01510 Vantaa

WHEN: 21.4. at 14.00-16.00

PRICE: non-member 26 €, member 17 €, with Wappupass 15 €


DRESSCODE: Overalls, shirt and socks!

If you don’t have a Wappupass yet, you can buy one here

This event is alcohol-free. You can’t be in the park with alcohol or while being intoxicated.

Buy Haalaripomppiaiset event’s tickets from

8. Wappu movie

Are you looking for a moment of relief in the middle of Wappu? Here would be a perfect opportunity for that!

Laureamko Leppävaara invites you to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 at Finnkino Sello. Come experience the return of the beloved film series and certainly a fun movie experience!

Note. The film starts at 13:00. Please arrive well in time before the starting time.

All tickets for the event include entry to the movie and a patch for overalls. Wappupass holders also get a stamp in their pass.

The movie is shown in english and has finnish subtitles.


What? Wappu movie, Kung Fu Panda 4

Where? Finnkino Sello, hall 2

When? 23.4. at 13:00


Laureamko’s principles of safer space effects on every Laureamko´s event. No violence, harassment, racism or discriminatory behavior or language will be tolerated at Laureamko events. You can read Laureamko´s principles of safer space here.

Buy Leffailta event’s tickets from

8. Laureamko Coverall Baptism 2024

Coverall Baptism is an event in which your coveralls are put to test, you’ll learn the official Coverall etiquette, pledge an coverall oath and raise a toast.

Get your coveralls on and get them officially ritualized through checkpoints and official coverall oath! Then you will receive the official Coverall Baptism patch that will serve you during the whole student life.

You can come to the baptism alone or with others! If you are bold and want to get to know new people, we bring together groups of one and two that can go around the checkpoints together. The baptisms are organised together with the Haaga-Helia student union Helga.

After the baptism, the evening continues at Apollo.

Note! The cloackroom fee is not included in the ticket price.

The event is part of Laureamko’s Wappu, so by participating in this event you are one stamp closer to the official Wappu stamp! By purchasing a Wappupass and participating in at least five (5) Laureamko Wappu events, you will receive the official Wappupatch.


WHAT: Coverall Baptism

WHERE: Hietaniemi

WHEN: 24.4.

DRESS CODE: Coveralls



Laureamko’s principles of safer space effects on every Laureamko´s event. No violence, harassment, racism or discriminatory behavior or language will be tolerated at Laureamko events. You can read Laureamko´s principles of safer space here.

Event ticket cancellation policy:

Check your reservation and ticket carefully.

Paid tickets cannot be exchanged or returned or redeemed.

Tickets purchased for events organized by Laurea University of Applied Sciences Student Union Laureamko can only be returned if the event is canceled or moved to another day.

Delivery costs and service fees are not refunded. If the event moves to another day, you can request a refund from

[email protected].

Buy Laureamko Coverall Baptism event’s tickets from

9. Wappuralli (Wappu race)

On thursday 25.4 it’s time for Wappuralli!

Take a tour of Tikkurila’s restaurants and bards to collect stamps on your pass. The starting point is bar Shamrock. After completing your tour around Tikkurila, head towards Pinkku for the afterparty, where you will receive a badge and the evening will continue until morning! You can also participate in the event fully alcohol-free! Tickets for the event €5 wappupassi / €6 Member (Laureamko, Metka, Helga, Humako, O’Diako, TUO) / €12 non-member

WHAT: Wappuralli
WHERE: In the Tikkurila area
WHEN: 25.4, first departure 16→
AFTERPARTY: Pingviini from 21:00 to 03:00 (Upstairs 22:00-02:30)

Lost passes or wristbands will not be replaced.

Buy Wappuralli event’s tickets from

11. LARE Ry's skumppajooga 2024 (Sparkling yoga)
13. Amazing Race

Laureamko Otaniemi proudly presents: Amazing Race 2024 Vappu Edition

It’s time to gather your team and bring out the best of everyone, because the fastest event of the year is just around the corner. The event loosely follows the TV format and our competing teams will race from one checkpoint to the next in the city center of Helsinki. You and your team will compete against time and the fastest team to complete the race in the correct order will win a prize! Will your team solve the clues and find the right checkpoints? There are hints for the locations but they do come with penalty minutes…

The event continues with a fun and relaxed atmposphere at the mysterious park after the last checkpoint has been completed. The winner of the entire competition and the winners of the best costumes will be announced in the park!

READY TO GO??  Here is your first clue to find the starting point: Lyrics, books and citizens, among them an event for the adventurers. Come on up and sign yourselves in, the amazing race is about to begin.


WHAT: Amazing Race 2024

WHERE: Helsinki city centre

WHEN: April 27th from 3pm

TICKETS: 5€/8€/16€

DRESSCODE: Overalls and team outfit. Best outfit wins a prize!

Please note:

Each team member will purchase their own ticket

Team size is 2-5 people

You will have to give your team name upon purchase

The start times are every 30 minutes from 3p.m. to 7p.m, make sure to have tickets for the same start for your entire team. 

Please come 10 minutes in advance to the starting point!

TICKETS: Amazing Race 2024 (

14. Brunchsitz

Join us for a Wappu preparty at LASO Brunchsitz

The sitz will take place in Haagan VPK. Doors open at 12 and the sitz starts at 12:30. The sitz is free seating and the sitz language is Finnish.

Since Wappu is just around the corner, the dress code is Wappu preparty and overalls! And remember to bring your own drinks!

What: Brunchsitz
When: 28.4., doors 12, sitz start 12:30
Where: Haagan VPK, Kylänevankuja 5, Helsinki
Tickets 15€ member, wappu pass / 20€ non-member
Dresscode: wappu preparty and overalls 

Tickets: Brunssisitsit (

15. Humakonda Hunt

Legendary Humakonda hunt comes again!

Humanakonda is missing and has been seen loitering in Helsinki! The rumor has that Humakonda has undergone a metamorphosis during the winter and the old scales have fallen off.

So gather your brave hunter team! The event has tasks of different levels, which are performed in teams of 4–8 people. Creativity, humor and imagination are an advantage in carrying out tasks.

Teams only register and get their hunting pass on the spot, so you can also come without a team and look for hunting buddies at Kansalaistori in front of Oodi. There are two departures, at 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM. Great prizes and glory for the best hunters!

You get an overalls badge as a reward for hunting, so please remember to sew the previous year’s badges to the overalls to get a new performance level badge.

Humakonda hunt is part of Laureamkon Wappu. You can get a stamp from us in your Wappupassi!

NOTE! By purchasing a ticket, you commit to adhering to HUMAKO’s safer space principles during the event. More information:

More information and questions about the event: [email protected]


1st year: Snitch

2nd year: Bounty hunter

3rd year: Double agent

4th year: Master detective


WHAT: The Humakonda Hunt

WHERE: Start at Kansalaistori (in front of Oodi)

WHEN: On Monday 29.4.2024 at 16.00-21.00


Member price: 6€ for Opku+ (HUMAKO, METKA, Helga, TUO, ASK, Laureamko

ja O’Diako) members

Non member price: 12€

Wappupassi price (Laureamko, Helga, METKA): 6€

DRESSCODE: Overalls or weather compatible clothing

AFTER PARTY: Apollo Sportsbar 22.00-

TICKETS: Humakondan metsästys (

16. Wappuaaton etkoilut
Come and join us to start your May Day’s eve celebrations before the official May Day! 

We’ll have casual park hangouts and outdoor games, where everyone is welcome. If you have any games of your own, feel free to bring them with you and we’ll play together!
So if you’re planning to come to the city to celebrate Wappu eve anyway, you can join in the fun with us!

If you have a dry throat or are feeling hungry, you should also bring your own drinks and snacks 


WHAT: Wappu’s eve pre party

WHERE: Töölönlahti park, Töölönlahden puisto

WHEN: 30.4. at 15-18


Wappuaaton etkoilut (

Delivering Wappu to you