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No sitting, no gain

The sitting season in higher education institutions has been going for a couple of months now. Have you managed to break your sitting record – and yourself in the process? Check out our video of Ville Partanen, the student who’s training for his third sitting season. Do you and Ville share the same kinds of goals?

Energise your week with OLL:s tips

Do you need a little boost in the autumn that grows ever darker? The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) offers tips for student wellbeing every Monday. The tips, compiled by experts in various fields, are published on Facebook and Instagram in Finnish and English. So go ahead and follow OLL:s channels and the hashtag #Mondaytips to beat autumn fatigue! New tips will be offered until the beginning of November.

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Get tips for the beginning of the week by neuroscientist Minna Huotilainen and minister Hanna Kosonen, among others.