Autumn is a difficult time for me these days. It is now the second fall in a row when I’m not going to run for any association activities. At the same time, I follow from the sidelines as new and enthusiastic people are running for organizations that are still important to me, ready to develop these organizations and their operations. While the heart still pulls me to get involved in the activities myself, I’m happy to be excited for other applicants. One of these elections I’m missing this year is Laureamko’s elections fot the Council of Representatives.

I was in Laureamko’s Council of Representatives for three years, 2018-2020. I applied for the first election in my freshmen tear, unaware of anything and without knowing anyone. This was one of the best decisions I have made during my studies. During the years before Laurea, I had developed a fear of performance for myself and was relatively shy. It was difficult for me to bring out my own perspectives and opinions, especially in front of strangers. However, the Council of Representatives wanted everyone to get heard and we were encouraged to do so.


Applying to the Council of Representatives brought me more self-confidence in my own skills and taught me argumentation skills and to “sell” my own views to others as well. Even those who already have these skills and qualities can develop them in the Representative Council, everyone doesn’t have to start from the same line as I started. Also respected and useful negotiation skills, has developed itself while being a member of the Council of Representatives. We didn’t always get the decisions we wanted to have, so we negotiated with the others to get a compromise.

Most of the studies take place with students in same line of study. Students from each campus and each line can apply to the Council of Representatives. I didn’t know almost anyone else when I first applied, but I got to meet some of the most awesome people, many of who are still part of my life. Especially nowadays, I can appreciate how many people have gotten to know when working in the Council of Representatives. Together, we were able to influence important issues for each student and take Laureamko towards what we hoped it would be.

Elections for the Council of Representatives is currently on and running as an candidate in the elections coming to an end next Monday 22nd at 12:00 noon. If you have even a little thought that you want something other to do than just studies, then running to the Council of Representatives is the thing to do. You’ll get to develop many skills that are useful in the future. And I’m sure that you’ll get more than you can even expect in running for the election of the Council of Representatives.