I started my journey to advocacy work at Laureamko and as a student representative in Laurea’s working groups. It was 2016 when I started at a student well-being panel at Tikkurila campus and now I am at the board of Laurea University as a member chosen by the student community.

It has always been nice and educational to act as a member of a working group or decision making body at Laurea, because I feel that a students opinion is actually appreciated and things have been made easy to follow. Saying my opinion aloud the first time was scary but, when I noticed how my words were appreciated and even went along with, my anxiety lessened.

Acting as a student representative has grown my know-how and especially my skills needed in the working life. I learned how to express myself compactly, how to propose solutions instead of only pointing out problems and also to prepare myself well for the meetings. It’s crucial to remember that a student representatives opinions is as valid as anyone else’s in any given decision making body.

Being a student representative is also a chance for networking and getting to know the inner workings of the University. You get to know the members of staff at Laurea and other organisations working with the University- and they get to know you. These networks can help you a long way in your career.

I can tell from my own experience that it’s a good idea to apply as a student representative. If I wouldn’t have done it I wouldn’t be doing what I do now and I wouldn’t be doing it very well.

Saana Simonen,
Chairman, STTK-Students
Member of the board, Laurea University of Applied Sciences.