The Student Union activity is, in a nutshell, rewarding and educational. Every semester, our student actives visit to introduce our work, explain its benefits in the workplace and how much fun it is to work at Laureamko. In the corridors, there are whispers about CV marks and credits, about articulating the learning you have accumulated. Yet behind all the talk and stories, are the real people and the real paths from advocacy work to one another and from the student body to higher organisations. So where will we see those Laureamko alumni next year?


Sanni Koivuluoma: Vice Chairperson of SAMOK in 2024

The Finnish Association of Student Unions (SAMOK) had its General Assembly in October and elected a new Board of Directors for 2024. Sanni Koivuluoma, Vice President of Laureamko in 2023, was nominated for the board, with a strong background in advocacy, lobbying and education policy. In the spring, Sanni did a great job in campaigning for the Parliamentary elections and was involved in organising, for example, the coverall polls and the election panel at the Leppävaara campus in cooperation with 3AMK.

However, there was a twist at the union meeting, when the student union METKA (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Student Union) nominated Sanni as vice-chair. After the vote, pink flags flew at the Laureamko office as Sanni was elected by a majority vote. Now SAMOK’s new board has been organised and Sanni’s responsibilities for the coming year look like this;

“Sanni Koivuluoma, Vice President. Political influence and leadership, social policy: student welfare and benefit systems, equality.” Sanni will also act as mentor to the student unions Rotko, Copsa, Hamko, JAMKO and Humako.

Laureamko congratulates Sanni Koivuluoma and wishes her good luck and success for the coming year!


Mio Kortelainen: President of OLL in 2024

In November, the Student Sports Federation, OLL, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. The Federation held its Annual General Meeting in Tampere, Finland, to plan the future of OLL for the upcoming anniversary year. The future of the association, its membership model and the upcoming strategy period were also discussed.

Mio Kortelainen, an active member of Laureamko and president of Laso Ry, was nominated as vice-president of the association. Mio’s background includes a strong interest in student welfare and equality, as well as a burning desire to improve the accessibility of sports services.

However, the meeting was exceptional in that the presidential election was not set in stone. Changes took place throughout the meeting and tension was present until the end of the vote. The Student Union METKA (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) nominated Mio Kortelainen as Chair after a panel of candidates. At the end of the voting, Mio was elected chair for 2024.

Laureamko congratulates Mio Kortelainen and wishes him good luck and success for the coming year!


Are you a future impact maker?

Are you interested in making a difference? Do you dream of working for an organisation one day? Do you want to create networks across Finland and even internationally? Student Union activities open many doors to the future! Whether you’re interested in tutoring, being a student representative or a board member, Laureamko offers its activists skills for the workplace and tools for the post-student life. We welcome you to get involved and find out where your path leads!