Enter the wonderful world of Laureamko’s board!

Wonderful indeed, because each year is always different and the year in the board gives each and every one of the board a wonderful new experience. Whether you are an old stager or a freshman – Laureamko´s board is a rewarding year for anyone!


I ended up on the board myself in my freshman year. I was already sure of applying to the board when I got the information that I will start my studies in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Of course, I did not think of applying for the board in the first year – but I did not regret it. The year was not an easy one, and it is not supposed to be. 


I will honestly tell you a secret that working in the board is hard work. It often requires long days and putting yourself in a discomfort zone. However, it is such pleasure to get to know new people from other student unions around the Helsinki area. It’s great to be able to share your daily life with people of the same spirit. Even better is the opportunity to develop yourself as an influencer, event organizer and in many other areas during the year.


The Board of Laureamko is divided into two areas: advocacy team and service team

The advocacy team may not be as prominent in the Laureamko, but working in it is just as important as working in the rest. The advocacy team works hard on a daily basis to ensure that students’ rights are enforced and improved. The advocacy team takes care not to mistreat students, and if some injustice happens, they have the weapons to fight for their rights. Service team is that which annually organizes the big events in Laureamko – Freshman Party, Wappu (May Day), Annual Ball etc. The service team is also responsible for tutoring and campus teams. 


Of course, we must remember that the Laureamko´s board is a team and everyone can do whatever they want and can do. This is something that is good to look after during the year. Although the year in board is a very busy year for many, it is important to remember to sleep well and work should not be stretched to night hours. It’s fair to say NO if you can’t really take on more tasks. 


The year in Laureamko´s board is meant to be fun and create the best time for yourself and everyone else. So I recommend it to everyone, apply for board and learn new skills for the future – It’s worth It!


Written: Merike Mauring, member of the board 2018