Have you already voted on the Council of Representatives election? If you not, it’s worth doing so by 20.12. 12:00, as you’re influencing on who will use Laureamko’s highest decision-making power next year. Get to know the candidates and vote in the Tuudo application or browser at vaalit.tuudo.fi.

The Representative Council consists of 15 actual members and a maximum of 15 alternate members. The inaugural meeting of the Representative Council will elect its President and Laureamko’s Board for next year. The tasks of the Representative Council include e.g. directing and supervising the Board’s operations, deciding on the operating and financial plan, and making other major decisions of Laureamko. In addition to these, the Representative Council will have this year e.g. has decided on the medals to be awarded this year, selected Laureamko’s SAMOK (Association of Finnish Student Unions) candidate, and amended Laureamko’s bylaws. So the best way to make an impact is to vote for your own candidate, who will promote the interests of you, and other students, in the best possible way. So go vote and do your part to ensure that next year Laureamko has the best possible representatives once again!

Ps. Please also remember that every member of Laureamko has the right to speak and attend the meetings of the Representative Council. Next spring is the best time to follow Laureamko’s decision-making, and at the same time learn a little more about how our student union works.


Petteri Saari, Member of Laureamko Council of Representatives 2021