Soon it’s time to choose a new board for Laureamko for next year. But what is the board and what are they doing?
The board includes the chairman, vice chairman and 3-8 members. The board members are Laurea’s students. The board will be divided into service and advocacy teams at the start of the season. Now we dive into the world of the service team and into the roles and tasks we find there!
The service team is led by the chairman or vice chairman. Running a team involves chairing meetings and being informed about different things in the team. The chairman and the vice chairman have not only the team’s internal tasks but also other tasks, which are related to leadership and financial management, for example.
The role of a tutor manager is not missing sociality. The tasks are to take care of tutor search and choices, training tutors and grouping them, both to ensure that the orientation days go smoothly in terms of tutoring activities. In addition, the task includes meeting responsibility tutors and organizing different events for tutors, such as tutor camp with after party. If you’re interested in new acquaintances, there are dozens of them available in this position.
The boards internationality officer takes care of the exchange and degree students. This means planning and making an orientation day s’ program, training exchange tutors and coordinating their activities, making events, coordination of Lapland and St. Petersburg trips, implementing degree camp, and helping exchange students and their tutors.
All Laurea campuses operate the Laureamko campus team. The boards campus team manager is making sure that all is well on campus teams. This includes among other things: making new member s’ accounts, keeping orientations and trainings, guiding campus godparents, being supported and safe, ensuring that things according to the rules like budgets and action plans are made. Next year the campus team manager will be able to join the big project that will be implemented together with Laurea, aimed at increasing student community.
The event manager’s place is a great opportunity for those who dream of the event industry as a job. As an event manager you get to plan and execute events yourself, as well as among other things. to help campus teams in their activities. As the event manager, you also made valuable relationships with event operators, for example by acting as a contact person between Night People Group and Laureamko.
All Laureamko activities are made for members and students. Membership services include for example: product sales, customer service and membership identifier. Board member service manager for example orders and designs sales products, coordinates chat and inventory. If you wish, you can get to use your creativity in this position, for example this year the member service manager designed new sales products in the selection and renewed all sectoral overalls.
If you’re interested in making contacts with different companies and practicing your own sales skills, you can do that with business cooperation. Laureamko is constantly looking for new partners in terms of discounts and wider cooperation. In business cooperation you will get to survey and contact potential partners and conclude cooperation agreements and ensure the current cooperation agreements.
It is possible to improve in marketing and communication in the board. The board officials together with the Laureamko employee will be responsible for all the communication from Laureamko. Communications are all done together, but the main responsibility is marketing and communications team leader, who will surely develop into marketing super expert during the year.
In addition to responsibilities, there are many different projects in the service team. Even if you don’t have your own team to run, you will definitely get to practice leadership as a project manager. Projects can include organizing orientation weeks, organizing annual parties or having a training event.
The tasks of every board will be agreed at one board organizing meeting. Everyone gets to influence what tasks they want to do and usually everyone has multiple responsibilities, for example events and campus teams or even business cooperation and membership services. Anyone applying for the board should therefore think about what interests them and where they would like to improve during the year.
Next year’s board will be elected at the organizational meeting of the council on 16.11.2020. If you think of anything to ask about the service team or how to operate or apply in the board, send a message to this year’s service team leader, at [email protected].
Could you find your place in the service team?
Written by, Annika Sievinen