Union of Finland’s student unions – SAMOK’s board for the year 2020 has been chosen. The student unions around Finland assembled to general assembly in Helsinki on 31.10.-1.11. General assembly decided in addition to the board members on political programme, plan of action and budget of the union. We will publish blog post on other decisions during next week.

This year there was a amazing chairman candidate from Laureamko to the board of SAMOK, Silja Nurmi, who however didn’t become chosen this time. “Applying for SAMOK’s chairman has been a spectacular journey. Even though the place didn’t open for me this time, the experience was instructive. During the campaign I became acquainted for many kinds of people and going out of my comfort zone was really instructive”, Silja mentions.

In SAMOK’s board in 2020 are Anna Laurila (Tamko) as the chairman, Santeri Kujanpää (SAMO) as a vice-chairman and as members of the board Elina Viitaniemi (Helga), Löytänen Oona (ROTKO), Hiltunen Miika (SAVOTTA) and Emma Hannonen (OSAKO). Laureamko congratulates all the chosen and waits eagerly for the cooperation with SAMOK during of the the student health care reform!