Laurea’s Board of Directors decided during its meeting on 22 November that the university of applied sciences could run a budget deficit of 2 million euros in 2022. Laureamko is pleased with the Board’s decision and hopes that the resources of the university’s teaching and support services can be kept at the same level next year as in 2021.

Laurea’s state funding will decrease in 2022 due to the degree pricing model system into the UAS funding model. In the preparation of the budget, the option was to either compensate the decrease in funding from the university’s own funds or to adjust operations by cutting costs primarily from human resources but also from other activities. Laurea’s Board of Directors has decided that the university will run a budget deficit of 2 million euros. This would allow the university to cancel the most dramatic cost-saving measures in human resources that have previously been proposed. Despite securing funds for human resources, the university will seek to streamline its educational activities to ensure that performance targets for upcoming coming years are met.

“The student body thanks the board for their decision! Hopefully, with these financial investments, we can meet next year’s challenges and develop into a university where student support and well-being are increasingly at the center of operations. “ commented Carita Törhönen, Chair of Laureamko’s Board.

Laurea’s Board of Directors will approve the final budget during its meeting in December. Today’s decision determines the criteria that the final budget will be based on. Laureamko has been in active talks with Laurea’s board in recent weeks to ensure that the perspective of students is taken into account in decision-making. Laureamko thanks the board for its decision to take into account the well-being of the university community!


Additional information:

Carita Törhönen, Chair of the Board, Laureamko
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Janne Silajärvi, Executive Director, Laureamko
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