Have you wanted to get involved in designing an appro, but haven’t found a good opportunity? Do I need to commit to organizational activities? What about my own studies?

Laureamko hears your request and wants to invite you to participate in the Porvoo Appro project team!

What is Porvoo Appro?

Porvoo Appro is a planned Laureamko Wappu event, which will take place in the spring city of Porvoo! Take a tour of restaurants, collect stamps, enjoy the atmosphere & scenery and dance the night away at the afterparty! After that, crawl to your hotel room and the next day head towards home towards the next Wappu event!

To realize this vision, we bring together eager students who want to learn more about event production and project activities. Once the team is assembled, activities begin in January and end after Wappu. The project manager is Aleksi Lummila, and the team is supported by the Laureamko board and their bulletproof experts!


Who are we looking for?

Vice Project Lead:

When the project manager is blocked, the vice project lead knows where to go and is able to take the reins and not let the activity stop! The group’s jack-of-all-trades is able to help everyone perform their duties and spar with the project lead about the direction of the activity.

Communications manager:

How do you present to everyone that you plan for objectively the best appro ever? This is the most important task of the communications manager. In collaboration with the graphic designer, they design a marketing calendar, and bring people to their phones when it’s time for a ticket sale!


Money spins the world, and the budgeter knows this! He is responsible for maintaining all possible revenue and expenditure, and for ensuring that operations are profitable. No euro will move until authorized by the treasurer. He is in regular contact with Laureamko’s Board of Directors and financial experts.

Graphic designer:

Logo? Color palette? Fonts? The graphic artist has a vision of what kind of implementation we are going to perform and is able to put together a pleasant whole for the customers! In collaboration with the communications person, they make marketing materials, designs overall badges, posters, appro passes and much more!

Person of contact:

Appros require a lot of contact with people, and the contact person is the one who knows this! He talks to companies, organizations and people, in cooperation with Laureamko’s Porvoo department, to make sure that at the end of the day everyone is happy and the students get a memorable appro!


What do we hope for you?

  • Eager to plan and make a great public event!
  • Commitment for the spring to make the event happen!
  • Ability to work in a group!

Previous experience in event production is not required. Desire and attitude are decisive!


What do we offer you?

  • Opportunity to run a resume-deserving event!
  • Help applying for study credits from participation!
  • Experience in project activities and insider views on organizational activities!


Interested and already know what part you want to do? Take contact:

[email protected]

The application period is 15.11. to 10.12.2021, and selections will be made from 13th to 16th of December.