Our mobile student card Slice started to co-operation with Pivo. This means that now on the same discounts will be found on both applications: Slice and Pivo. As a member you can choose which one you want to use.

Pivo is a versatile mobile payment app, with which you can pay a friend, in online stores and in stores without online bank service credentials or other hassle. Pivo can also be used to access various services and benefits.

How to start to use Pivo? The first of all you need to have our membership and Finnish online bank service credentials.

  1. Download Pivo on your phone and deploy it by login in with your online bank service credentials.
  2. Open Pivo, go choose the Student-ID and select Laureamko.
  3. Start using it by following the instructions on the app.

Pay attention to to the fact that your information has to be up-to-date on our member register. There must be our Finnish security number and same phone number that you use on Pivo. You can check and change your information via our web store: go kide.app/account and click the pencil icon next to the membership. If you have any questions, please contact us via email (laureamko[at]laureamko.fi) or use our chat.