The Student Union Representative Council met on Tuesday 22 September at Hyvinkää campus for its eighth meeting of the year. The meeting was short, but the issues to be discussed were all the more important. At the beginning of the meeting, the board’s doings were discussed as per normal. We heard i.e. the situation of Freshman party and anniversary arrangements and how the board is generally doing.

Next, we got to address the most interesting issue of the meeting, the election of a new board member. The Representative Council unanimously elected Anselmi Nousiainen, a second-year BBA student from Hynkinkää, as a member of the board for the rest of 2020. Congratulations to Anselmi! At the same time, the Representative Council resigned Taryne Kalima as a member of the board.

Another big thing at the meeting was Laureamko’s new equality plan. This year, for the first time, an equality plan has been created for the Student Union. The now approved plan is valid until the end of 2024 and its mid-term review will take place in 2022. The Representative Council thanked the project team for the good work and great plan, together we can make Laureamko even more equal!

The next meeting of the Representative Council will be held on Tuesday 27.10. On the Lohja campus. All members of the Student Union are welcome to follow the meeting!

Written by, Vertti Airaksinen