Guidelines for campaigning for candidates and electoral alliances 

In the election of the Council of Representatives campaign it’s important to follow this Guideline for campaigning and Laureamko’s Guideline for elections as well as good manners. The student union produces official marketing material for their website, posters and social media. All of the official marketing material is approved by the Central Election Committee.


For this material we ask the spokesperson of the Electoral Alliance to send us photos of each candidate in the Electoral alliance. You need to send the headshot photos in jpeg, bmp or png format. The photos need to be taken with white background. You can send the photos  as email attachments to [email protected] by 4.10.2020 at 23.59 the latest.

Guidelines for campaigning:

  • Electoral alliances can create their own social media pages and advertise themselves and their candidates on their pages
  • Electoral alliances and coalitions can print posters and other campaigning materials of their candidates and put them up following Laurea’s guidelines
  • Electoral alliance is responsible for their candidates campaigning
    • If one candidate i.e. acts against Laureamko rules or these guidelines, the whole electoral alliance is considered responsible for these actions. 
  • In addition to these guidelines you need to follow the rules of Laureamko, the Guideline for elections and the Finnish law.
    • You can find the rules and guideline for election from Laureamko’s website
  • The campaigning needs to follow good manners and is not allowed to be discriminating or offensive. 
  • Laureamko’s premises, resources or channels (website, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, other Laureamko’s social media channels or groups) are not allowed to be used for campaigning for a singular candidate, electoral alliance or coalition.
    • The campus team is responsible for the marketing and actions happening in their premises
    • Not allowed: using Laureamko’s shirt for candidate photo, campus team marketing on their channel only their own campus team members
    • Allowed: telling about your Laureamko activities or career in your candidate introduction, campus team marketing on their channel all candidates from their own campus (e.g. “We have candidates from Porvoo campus, go check out the candidates from Laureamko’s website.”)
  • On campus team’s channel it is not allowed to market singular candidates or alliances. Laureamko actives can market candidates and alliances on their personal social media accounts as private persons.
  • The central election committee supervises the complying of these guidelines
    • If you notice someone acting against these guidelines, contact the Central election committee, don’t argue on social media.

For all questions related to campaigning you can contact the Central election committee. Remember that you are the ones making this election a success!