Degree students at universities of applied sciences will be transferred to Finnish Student Health Service FSHS healthcare on 1 January 2021. This means that our students will receive all their student healthcare from the FSHS. Oral health services are the most popular services the FSHS provides, but the foundation also provides health screenings, mental health services, sexual health promotion services, laboratory and imaging studies, and vaccinations among other services. FSHS is the country’s leading student health care expert, and the foundation collaborates with educational institutions to promote student health and well-being.

77% of FSHS funding comes from the state and 23% through the student healthcare fee. FSHS does not charge appointment fees for their services, rather each student pays a fixed FSHS fee to Kela twice a year. This fee is not dependent on the use of the FSHS’s services. It is functionally a tax that all degree students must pay. This ensures that FSHS funding is stable and that the total cost of services remains affordable for all students!

How much is the FSHS fee? The fee is confirmed annually in November and amounts to approximately EUR 77, or EUR 30-40 per semester.

How is the Student Healthcare Fee paid? Students need to pay the fee online on Kela’s website twice a year. The spring fee can be paid from December onward and its deadline is on 31 January 2021 for those who have registered for the spring semester. Kela’s instructions for paying the fee can be found here. Remember to pay the fee on time, as Kela will send a reminder for the late payment and add a five euro late fee on top of the healthcare fee!

Who is liable for payment? All UAS degree students are required to pay. Students in open university and exchange students are not required to pay.

You can find more information about the FSHS expansion on our FSHS 2021 page. On the page you will find information about student healthcare reform, FSHS services and the location of service points! Next week’s blog will discuss the impact of the FSHS extension on international students.