I started working as Laureamkos executive director three weeks ago. The beginning has been a fun combination of old stuff and a lot of new things. I graduated 2017 with a bachelor of social services from Laurea and I was a Laureamko active in different roles during my studies, so returning to Laureamko as a staff member has been a great experience for me. It has been amazing for me to see how much Laureamko has developed and grown as an organisation, how the operations have been renewed and the actives are even better than before. 

Autumn is always a challenging time to start in a new organisation, especially in a student organisation since we live such a busy time when the new semester starts. Of course the covid-19 situation brings its own challenges to this autumn. These three weeks have been filled with a lot of working from home and learning new ways to work with new tools.  

At the same time we are getting ready for next year and thinking about how we can serve out students even better. I have the chance to take part in the renewal process of Laureamkos strategy, which has been really interesting. The strategy, in my opinion, is the most important document of the Student union, it tells us what Laureamko will do in the future and how Laureamkos operations will look and what kind of steps we will take to become an even better Student union. 

Autumn is all about becoming a Laureamko actor, now is the best chance to become an active in Laureamko, for example representative council elections, student representative, tutor or maybe a board member. When I was a student, Laureamko was the place where I got new friends, learned a lot, made new valuable contacts and got a picture of what I’d like to do in the future.

What could Laureamko give to you? If you’re interested in becoming a Laureamko active, don’t hesitate to message me. 


Sini Heino, Executive Director of Laureamko