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Sweden beat Finland in higher education students’ well-being match, says Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Who will recover and feel better, Finnish or Swedish higher education students? The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) decided to find out, together with our Swedish counterpart SAIF, which of us will win the Finland–Sweden match in student well-being.

The results show that our dear western neighbor really knocked us down: the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment results of the Finnish students were worse in every way than those of the Swedish students.

So, we Finns really have to step up our game, and when we’ve done this, it’s time for a revenge match!

Read more about the results on the OLL website.


Student, municipal elections also affect your everyday life

Has it ever happened to you that your favourite bus has been cancelled? Maybe you and your friends have criticized that greedy bus company.

But did you know that the decision was probably made because the municipality has stopped supporting this bus route?

Now, apply this way of thinking to that jogging path where the woodchip surface was replaced with stone dust. And to that outdoor fitness equipment that is now lying broken along the route.

It’s likely that the municipal council hasn’t really understood how important these services are for the residents. Yes, the council that was elected in those municipal elections.

Read more about how municipal elections 2021 will affect your everyday life on the OLL blog (in Finnish).

Challenge your municipality to promote the well-being of its residents!

P.S. The blog post has only been published in Finnish.