Results of the representatives election were decided yesterday. Total of 303 votes were given during elections and voting percent was 12,6 %. Fifteen (15) members and six (6) vice members were chosen to form the Council for the year 2020. Voting in the elections was organized electronically between 30th of October and 6th of November. Download result here.

21 candidates and three electoral alliances, La’SOTE, EsKot ja Index, participated in the elections. Smallest of the alliances was EsKot with only one candidate. Oher alliances had 9-11 candidates.

Index and La’SOTE both got seven seats in the council. La’SOTE got slim majority of the votes with 47,9 %. Index got 41,9 % of votes and small EsKot  got 22,8 % of the votes. Exceptionally few empty votes were given.

La’SOTE and Index participated to the elections for second year in a row. For EsKot this was the sixth year running for Council. Size-wise EsKot got only one seat, but then again they are in a position to tip the scale.

There are students from every campus in the new Council. The most of the elected were from Leppävaara (7 member and 1 vice-member) which is explained by the size of the campus. Suprisingly only two students from Tikkurila were elected even though campus has almost as many students as Leppävaara.

Vote-puller of the elections was Samu Reinikainen with 27 votes. “It was a suprise to get so many votes as a fresher. Coming year seem promising. As a Hospitality Management student I wan’t to adcvocade our matter too. Furthermore I have lot’s of ideas for welcoming new students and developing orientation week,” Samu tells.

Newly elected representatives and vice members of the Council will soon start their work. So how will next year in the Council look like?

The only EsKot council member Emmi Lintunen comments: “Thanks for all voter and other electoral alliances! It’s a great honor to get the trust of Laureamko’s members sixth year in a row. WE continue our efforts for strong community and greener Laureamko. It’s important that students are heard and active in Laureamko as well as in Laurea. Even though it’s often said that thing were better before, we want to make sure that next year and future will be better for all.”

La’SOTE’s new member of the Council Janita Aaltonen states: “Everything is new, but I’m excited for the next year. My reason to apply to the Council is to have the possibility to have effect, so I wait for the seeing of it in practice.”

Samu Reinikainen from Index says: ” I want to affect to the leisure activities of the campuses. I have noticed that there are no space besides Campus Park for spending time and some campuses don’t even have that. I want to develop the activities of groups and organisations.”

Members of Laureamko are welcome to the first meeting of the new Council in 18.11. at 5pm in Tikkurila Campus room B303. Next years board will be chosen in the meeting.