What is the board?

The Board of Laureamko consists of a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a maximum of eight board members. The board leads Laureamko’s activities with instructions from the representative council. The board is responsible for the plan of action and of the budget. Term of the board is one year from January to December. The board members will get a small compensation for their work.

What do the Board members do?

The Board is divided into two teams. Advocacy and service teams. The advocacy team includes for example the student well-being, handling of feedback (from VoxBox), affecting the development of education, community and politics (together with other student unions from the Helsinki metropolitan area).

The service team includes tutoring (applying, selection and training), international affairs (including exchange students and international guests), campus teams (training and support), marketing and communications (Facebook pages, Instagram and web pages), deliverables (such as overalls) and events.

All these and more are broken into projects that the Board members manage. The projects depend on the interests and activity of the Board members.

In the board you get to plan budgets and action plans for an organization, learn about project management and leadership, create cooperation agreements between organizations and associations, influence Laurea’s working groups and of course you’ll have great opportunities for networking.

How is the Board selected?

The new Council of Representatives will choose the new board for upcoming year in their formation meeting on 18th of November. Meeting is held in Tikkurila, room B303. First the chairperson will be selected. Then the vice chairperson. After that the rest of the Board members but they will be selected in a group, not one by one. Although the board has two teams and each board member their own tasks, traditionally the tasks and projects will be divided among the board members in their first meetings.

If you got interested submit an application to [email protected] before 10th of November. In the written application you should tell who you are, where you come from and why you want to be in the board and what you would like to do in the board. It is adviced to send application before hand, but it’s possible to run for the board in the formation meeting. At the formation meeting the applicants have an opporturnity to present themselves.

Training of the board

The new board is trained starting 25th of November. So if you are interested in board activities, it’s a good idea to to pur trainings in your calender allready. Download treining schedule (in Finnish) here.