Year 2019 draws to an end. Representatives Council Elections of Laureamko were held and the new council will have its first meeting on 18th of November. In that meeting new board and chair of the council will be chosen. We wouldn’t be here without the months of background work of Laureamko actives and Central Election Committee.

Laureamko’s Central Election Committee (nicknamed kevalaku or KVLK) is administrative and independent committee with the task of organising the elections of the Student Union. The arranging of election in the student union is important work because the student unions have self-government that has been recorded in the legislation and task to function as the link between the members. So that the student union can, in the best possible way, carry out its tasks given by the Universities of Applied Sciences Act, arranging of impartial and equal election from one of the cornerstones of Laureamko’s activities.

What does the Central Election Committee do?

The Central Election Committee consists of the chairman and two to ten persons. These persons can be members or alumni of Laureamko. In these tasks you are able to promote and to develop the election of our student union. Committee’s task include for example communications, the co-ordination of the cooperation with other student unions of the metropolitan area and graphic design. All know-how is not expected from a single member and is able to carry out different tasks according to its own interest.

The work of the central election committee will concentrate on the autumn according to the time of representatives election but the operation can be developed already in the spring in the form of the planning.

Apply by arriving to the Council’s first meeting to Tikkurila campus, room B303 at 5 pm on 18.11.  If you can’t come to the meeting, you can also send an application to [email protected].

Chair of the Central Election Committee 2019, Lauri Väisänen.