Laureamko is looking for two board members for a term lasting until the end of the year. Those interested can apply from September 11 to September 21!

What Board?

Laureamko’s Board consists of the President, the Vice President and a maximum of eight Board members. The Board manages Laureamko’s daily operations in accordance with guidelines issued by the Representative Council. The Board is responsible for the implementation of an action plan and budget. The Board’s term lasts a year, from January to December, but in this supplemental recruitment, we are looking for members who will sit on the Board from the end of September to the end of December, that is, for about three months.

You can find the current composition of the Board here.

What Does the Board Do?

The board works in two teams, one focusing on student union services and the other on advocacy. The latter, the advocacy team, handles issues like student well-being, feedback (through Vox Box) and the development of education, as well as municipal advocacy (together with the student unions and student unions in the Helsinki metropolitan area).

The service team’s responsibilities include tutors (recruitment, selection, training), internationalization (exchange students, international guests), campus teams (training and support), marketing and communication (Facebook pages, Instagram and websites), sales, products and events.

If any of these topics interest you, feel free to apply. There is currently space in both the service and advocacy teams. A more detailed division of responsibilities will be decided between the Board.

How to Apply to the Board?

We are currently looking for two new Board Members. The application is open from 11 September to 21 September, and you can send your own written application to the council of representatives at [email protected]. In the application, you should introduce yourself and talk about your own interests and possible experience as a student activist or in other positions of trust.

The Representative Council elects the new members of the Board at its meeting on 22 September. The meeting will be held on the Hyvinkää campus from 5 pm in the Helene room. It is also possible to attend the meeting remotely. It would be advantageous for candidates to come to the meeting to introduce themselves.

If you would like more information about the Board’s activities, you can contact the President of the Board:

Miisa Tervala
[email protected]
tel. 044 287 7151