Don’t just let the staff decide! Become a student representative!

We are looking for representatives for the degree development groups and a deputy representative for for Laurea Examining Board. 

Each qualification has two student representatives who sit on the qualification development group and the work life steering group. In addition to these, representatives are sought for Laurea-wide bodies. In these Development Groups you are able to give your opinions and influence how individual courses might look in the future or the curriculum over all. Also your voice might change the way the Laurea staff sees the education as a whole.

As a Student Representative you are able to get course credits and work life skills such as argumentation, negotiation and teamwork skills. Student Union Laureamko offers training for all the student representatives 4 to 5 times a year. The first training for new Student Representatives will be held on 27th of November from 5PM to 6:30PM. The training will be recorded.

Applicants will be required to communicate with Student Union Laureamko and to participate in training provided to Student Representatives. Your commitment for the whole year of 2024 will be seen as an asset in the application progress. The Student Union membership will also be seen as an advantage. We hope that the applicant has a genuine interest in the topic of the Development Group and motivation for the applied position. Those chosen as Student Representatives will have their full names, emails and photos uploaded to Laureamko’s website.

NOTICE: Unfortunately all of the groups require good Finnish language skills.

How to apply to become a student representative?

You can apply as a Student Representative until 30th of November midnight. Laureamko’s Board will be choosing the applicants at their board meeting on 7st of December. The Development Groups will be named for the whole year of 2024 and they will start operating in January 2024.

To apply for the position of Student Representative, you will need to fill out this next form: These positions are open to any Laurea student. Some of the positions do have stricter requirements.

For more information be in contact with Student Union member Sanni Koivuluima ([email protected]) or specialist of advocacy and lobbying Linda Lindgren ([email protected]).


Applications are open for the following groups:

Statutory bodies

  • Laurea examining board (deputy representative)

Laurea-level development groups

  • Development group of Online Studies (2 representatives)
  • Development group of Master’s Degree (2 representatives)

Bachelors’ degree Development Groups and Work life Steering Groups

  • Student representative of Beauty and cosmetics (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Business management (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Hospitality management and service design (1 representative)
  • Student representative of Nursing (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Physiotherapy (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Public health nursing (1 representative)
  • Student representative of Social services (2 representatives)
  • Student representative of Social services in criminal correction (2 representatives)