Coveralls and patches

Coveralls are students’ official party uniform for many occasions and most visible part of student culture and life. The coveralls in Laurea are colored Laureamko purple with a pink back pocket. They are a sign of student’s Laurea unity and spirit. Some of Laurea’s beauty students choose pink coveralls with a piece of Laureamko-purple because of historical reasons (the color is from Turku where beauty studies used to be also – nowadays beauty studies on UAS level are only in Laurea). These together are a proud part of Laureamko’s coverall culture.

Coverall patches are collected by participating in different Laureamko’s events and other student events like appros around Finland throughout the year.

Coverall etiquette

Did you know that every coverall patch must be sewed personally? Did you now that you can’t wash your coveralls… ever? That’s why we have Laureamko’s coverall etiquette given to every new coverall owner. Etiquette contains nationwide coverall traditions and rules. Check it out here.

History of coveralls

Coveralls were first seen approximately before the 1960’s and they originate from Espoo and Otaniemi area. Of course the model of coveralls was way different compared to modern day model with sponsors’ logos and other accessories.

The use of coveralls as a student party wear started in 1970’s in Sweden. In Finland this happened in the beginning of the 80’s.

The color of the coveralls represent the field of studies or university of applied sciences/university. The coverall patches that are collected in various student events throughout the student life are sort of memories and some patches might include a message that you stand behind.

Coveralls are worn nearly in every student event like in appros, in some sitsi-events and on Vappu (May Day). They are easy to put on, they resist rain, they withstand wind – easy solution for most student events!

Best time of your student life – in coveralls

You can purchase your coveralls at Laureamko offices that are located on every Laurea campus!