As traditionally, different prizes and awards are given at Laureamko’s Annual Ball. This year at the annual ball 8th of December also badge of merits were given.


Congratulations to all the winners!


Scholarship of Laurea’s President
Roope Kuivalainen
“Roope has had a long career in Laureamko and he has developed Laureamko in Laurea and elsewhere. As the President of the Council of Representatives Roope has developed the Council versatile and increased it’s visibilty to members.


LOB scholarship
Sami Immonen
“Sami creates team spirit, forwards the vision of the student union and develops actions in a local level. Sami has created a supportive atmosphere about student culture and he has participated in many events with a great attitude. The importance of team spirit and communality can be seen in Sami.


The teachers of Laurea’s scholarship
Laura Seppänen
“She has marketed Laurea as a great study place, owns the skill to listen and encourages her study colleagues in a great way in the studies. She is an active and positive member of Laurea. She combines different stakeholders and looks for real connection to working life. 
Milla Sorri
“Milla is a pleasure to work with in projects. She combines school and working life and does it goal-directedly. 
Phillip Nduka
“Phillip represents exemplary student of Laurea. Increases the visibility of Laurea and especially the Degree Programme of Nursing. He is an active member of Laurea. 


Badges of merits
Susanna Issakainen
Päivi Korhonen
Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta
Laureamko’s founding members: Tomi Streng, Akipekka Suoranta, Jarmo Lähde, Tuomas Jääskeläinen, Mika Nyqård, Toni Nykänen, Mari Hartikainen, Tiina Korhonen, Minja Aho, Ilari Kinnunen, Suvi-Tuulikki Suominen
“The badge of merit can be given to a person, who has advanced the student union with their own active actions and has brought the mission clear to students and cooperation partners.”


Laurea member of the year
Seija Paasovaara
“Seija has had a long and student positive career in Laurea. She is genuinely interested in students. Warmheartness, fairness and friendliness towards students can be seen from her every day. Seija has been ambitiously developing the student union and supported the actions.”


Tutor of the year
Annika Sievinen
”Annika has been actively forwarded tutoring and with her example created great atmosphere for example during tutor recruitment. She has been present to the new students since day one and supported them in their student life and studies. Annika creates a positive atmosphere amongst the tutors.


Campus team of the year
“Lohja’s campus team genuinely cares about students and the campus actives give their best to further the actions. In 2018 Lohja’s campus team has developed their work more towards the students, also taking the future in consideration. Lohja’s campus team believes in common good and creates supportive atmopshere around them. 


Laureamko active of the year
Johanna Pohjanmeri
“As the president of Hyvinkää’s campus team Johanna has lifted Laureamko in the campus to a new level. She inspired and supports others with a positive attitude. Investing to the campus team and honest desire to help others can be seen from her actions.”