We talked with the lecturer Minna Fred about work-based learning.


Fred teaches on the service innovation modul on the Leppävaara campus of Laurea. The modul is obligatory for every student in Leppävaara and it is based on work-based learning.


Work-based learning is a form of studying, where the students transforms their work at a workpplace into studies. The student gets to now his/her curriculum and considers, wether there is a part that he/she could accomplish by working either at their own work place or in a company or an organization. You can also accomplish work-based studying by working voluntarely or in different hobbies.


Fred also stated that being active in the student union could be concidered as work-based earning, if only the student finds a module in their curriculum that would fit the description of the responsibilities and tasks in the student union.


Work-based learning suites best the studenst, who are independent and better for the ones who are in the end of their studies as they’ve developed better study skills and capability for self-reflection. Work-based learning requires good skills in self-leadership and time management to keep the project under control.


If you’re considering work-based learning:


  1. Acquaint yourself with the curriculum and think about which competences are included that you could develop at work.
    2. Have an initial conversation about the working tasks at your workplace and the targets of work-based learning.
    3. Arrange a preliminary discussion to assess, together with the teacher responsible for the module or a study unit, the possibilities for work-based learning. The person in charge of the module or study unit will guide you in the preparation of the Learning contract.
    4. Plan the development of your competence by filling in the Learning contract.
    5. Arrange a discussion with the representative or teacher in charge of the module, during which you confirm the  Learning contract and prepare the evaluation form.
    6. Start your studies in accordance with the Learning contract and document your competence.

Kuvitus_Prosessikuvien käännökset


Work-based studying can in the best situation help you to get a new job. It is also a grate way to study, because you’ll gain experience in the work life.


There is many ways to show the learning path: a video, a report, a presentation etc. This should always be discussed with the teacher. The student is also responsible of his/her own growth and learning and also to get to know the right vocabulary.


While studying based on work the student gets the change to build a network and learn a lot of skills: self-leadership, time manageing and recognizing their own knowledge. There could also be a chance to work-based studying with a pair.


If you see this as a good way to study for you, please, contact the tutoring teacher.


Read more information on Laurea’s web page.