OLL is established in 1924. OLL works at national and international level, representing all students of institutions og higher education in Finland. For OLL it’s important to promote sports culture and well-being, so that students have equal possibilities of moving to their health.

Laureamko’s membership fee is 0,50 e per each membership. The price isn’t high, but we get a lot of value by paying it. There are some of the key benefits that membership will give to us.

1. Right to vote at general assembly

General assembly is organized once a year and it uses the highest desicion making power of the OLL. Before assembly, members of the OLL get materials and form statement based on those materials.

Members of the OLL also have a right to vote at the general assembly. General assembly will choose the government and decide about the documents, such as strategy, action plan and budget, which will guide the action of the OLL.

2. Accident Insurance

OLL offers an accident insurance in the event and competitions organised by the member communities, which have been announced in advance to OLL. The accident insurance is eligible for members of the member communities who participate in sport events or sports testing. Insurance is also valid during journeys related to these.

3. Music playback contracts

Music reproducing contracts give members the right to use music in sport events and sports activities and small-scale events such as parties, hangouts and shows. The contract does not cover all the music, such as the internet use of music or streaming services, such as Spotify.

4. Event discounts

Members of OLL’s member communities are entitled to a discount on the tickets of Helsinki City Run and Helsinki City Marathon and Students’ Finnish Championships.

5. Other discounts

Discounts of products of Ergo Finland (ergonomic and activating working equipment) and the clothing manufacturer Macron. Also reduced prices of the climbing tickets of the Irti maasta -centres.

You can read more about OLL from https://oll.fi/en/home/