Do you want to change your student union? Do you care who decides how your membership fee is used? As a member of Laureamko you are entitled to vote in the Council of representatives’ election. By voting for the candidate that agree with your views, you make sure that your student union does what you want.

The Council of Representatives for 2018 is chosen with an election 8.11. –15.11.2017. There are 28 candidates and three electoral alliances, which are EsKot, I love KOK + Lato and Ransut. First two of the electoral alliances have had candidates in previous elections, but Ransut is a new alliance. Combining the forces of I love KOK and Lato is also a novelty. The electoral alliances will introduce themselves with blog posts in Laureamko’s web pages during week 44. You can get to know to the candidates trough election gallery that will be published next week. Before that you’ll find the candidates and electoral alliances in social media and the hallways of Laurea!


List of candidates

Candicate number Electoral Alliance Surname First Name
2 Ransut Haarala Susanna
3 Ransut Klemola Henna
4 Ransut Markkanen Satu
5 Ransut Pöllänen Laura
6 Ransut Simola Riku
7 Ransut Simonen Saana
8 EsKot Hellstedt Ulla
9 EsKot Hyvärinen Jenni
10 EsKot Immonen Sami
11 EsKot Kortemäki Mikke
12 EsKot Kuivalainen Roope
13 EsKot Lindblom Antti
14 EsKot Lintunen Emmi
15 EsKot Nurmi Silja
16 EsKot Pitkänen Samuli
17 EsKot Siippola Marika
18 I Love KOK + Lato Ballester Isabelle
19 I Love KOK + Lato Feng Kevin
20 I Love KOK + Lato Kylmälä Milja
21 I Love KOK + Lato Kärkkäinen Juho Kerma
22 I Love KOK + Lato Laitila Rami
23 I Love KOK + Lato Lassila Samu
24 I Love KOK + Lato Mauring Merike
25 I Love KOK + Lato Minkkinen Liisa
26 I Love KOK + Lato Neulaniemi Juha
27 I Love KOK + Lato Nieminen Jere
28 I Love KOK + Lato Rautiainen Juha
29 I Love KOK + Lato Väisänen Lauri