Would you like to help freshmen with the beginning of their studies? Would you like to get to know exchange students and use other languages? Are you interested in arranging events?

From being a tutor you get all this and much more! If you become a tutor, you will be a part of an amazing group, and you will never be left alone with the responsibility.

The tutoring search is open 1.-31.3.2019. The tutor training will be held on autumn 2019, and the tutoring will happen on spring 2020.

Tutor’s main tasks:

  • helping new students to get accustomed to school customs
  • leading new students to student life
  • creating a good group spirit
  • helping with exchange students’ arrival matters
  • planning the campus orientation with campus’ own international coordinator
  • arranging events, such as The Shadows and The Fresheman Party, with the Laureamko actives

How to apply?

To become a tutor, you need to fill out Laureamko’s e-form, which you will find at the bottom of this page. All tutor applicants will be interviewed when the sign up ends. After you have filled the e-form you can choose your interview time. The interviews will be done as group interviews on campuses. Notice, that you don’t have to have the interview on your own campus if the date is not suitable for you but you can choose an interview time from any campus. It is also possible to agree with a lecturer to miss a part of a lecture because of the interview. Special arrangements could also be agreed upon for example on using Skype to participate.

If you are interested, you can find a link to the application form from here.