The application is open throughout April. In this search, we are looking for tutors for groups starting on January 2024.

As a tutor, you can assist new students in starting their studies. The tutor plays an important role in welcoming students, answering questions and giving instructions on the most basic things related to the start of school. You shouldn’t stress your own skills, because the questions are often really easy at the beginning for an experienced student. Everything necessary is also trained before tutoring, and you don’t even need to know everything.

As a tutor, you also benefit a lot yourself. You get to know other students from your own campus, tutors from other campuses, many other active participants, and ofcource the group of freshmen you tutor. You will gain experience in many things, such as organizing events, communications and guiding groups of people.

Anyone can apply to be a tutor, from any field or form of study. Starting students are a diverse group of students of different ages and in different life situations. Because of this, it is also good for tutors to represent a wide variety of student life. A valid laureamko membership is required to be a tutor.

It is possible to apply for 5 study credits from tutoring through a portfolio. More information about applying for credits can be found here.

How does applying work?

Fill out the form that can be found here and book a suitable interview time. During the end of spring, you will receive information on whether you have been selected as a tutor.

The training is organized during the fall and includes the campus’s own meeting, everyone’s joint meetings, and a tutor camp on October 13th-14th. At the camp, we train, get to know others and spend time together. One night is spent at the camp in the camp center and participation is free. During the fall, plans are also made ready for January. This includes e.g. orientation day schedules and planning some events.

If you have any questions, you can send a message to the tutor team at [email protected]