Thesis is a current topic for many students. It has become real challenge in the end of the studies. Laurea has acknowledged the need for improvements, but the challenge is, how to improve the process to respond to students’ needs. We started to think this in Laureamko and we came up to this survey.

We shared this survey in Laureamko’s own Facebook page and other groups, in students’ intra and to improvement managers. Answering time was from 5th to 22th of February. In the end of this we got 95 answers. We got answers from all campuses, field of studies and every stage of the thesis process.

Students had very variable experience of guidance. Many students felt that guidance wasn’t homogeneous and students are not in equal position. On the other hand, many students were satisfied the guidance they had got.

We discussed the results with the Vice President of Laurea, Katri Ojasalo, in the advocacy team. We will continue the discussion in the development group of teaching and guidance with the student representative, the developement managers and the head of student affairs.