The Student Union Laureamko will launch a new collective member registry and online shop during the spring 2018 with the student unions ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, METKA and O’Diako. The systems will replace the current member registry and online shop.

The background for the change is meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and improving and expanding services, thus creating additional value for the members. After the systems have been put to use, the members of Laureamko may have the same service even in the offices of other student unions mentioned before.

The change will be carried out in stages so the the student unions ASK, HUMAKO ja O’Diako will run a pilot in March and the other student unions will put the systems to use later in the spring. The student union will inform later when the collective service is available at the service points of all six student unions.

Because of the new collective service model, the personal details of the members will become visible for all student unions mentioned. Nevertheless, the data protection is highly emphasised during the process: The users of the systems will have training and sign a contract concerning data protection. In addition, the amount of visible personal details will be restricted for most users and only two people from each student union (mostly employees) will see all the given details. No data will be given outside the six student unions that use the systems. The personal details of the members will be removed from the registry 13 months after the latest membership has expired.

You will have right to refuse the transfer of your data. We will send you more detailed information of this when the transfer will be carried out in our student union.  

Further information:

Mari Lehtoruusu

Executive director

The Student Union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences

044 2877161

[email protected]