As usual, Laureamko’s annual celebration on 9.12. honored actors of the past year were remembered. In addition, the celebration announced the recipients of the student union’s merit badges, which could be proposed in an open application earlier this year.

Good luck to all the winners!

Merit badges

The golden badge of merit was awarded this year:

Jaana Akiola

This person has supported Laureamko’s guidance and tutoring work for several years. The collaboration between the student body and this person who is part of Laurea’s personnel has been rich and activity-developing, and has covered both tutoring, well-being app and well-being influence. The cooperation has been invaluable to Laureamko. This person is also always ready to listen to students and wants to promote the well-being of every student in his work.

The silver badge of merit was awarded to:

Annika Sievinen

Annika has worked as an active developer of the student body both during her studies, as an alumni and as an expert. She has greatly developed the activities of the student union, and we can thank her for the fact that Laureamko’s tutoring is flourishing and that every year we have more applicants to become tutors. This person is also a great support to all board members. She is always ready to help and support board members as well as other campusteam members, tutors and students with understanding.

Miisa Tervala

Miisa was Laureamko’s chairman in the first corona year of 2020. The global pandemic came completely out of the blue and affected all the activities of the student body. Miisa led the board and the student body very well from the first challenges of the corona. After her active career at Laureamko, she has successfully represented Laureamko in various positions of trust. This person has worked, e.g. As a member of SAMOK’s board, chairperson of Nyyti ry and vice-chairperson of Alliance. In her various roles, she has brought great visibility and appreciation to Laureamko. She is always ready to offer her expertise and networks for the benefit of Laureamko. This person has shown that in Laurea and Laureamko you can strive for far-reaching and valuable positions of trust.

Certificates of honor

Campus Team of the Year


At the beginning of the year, the Otaniemi campus team consisted mostly of new and inexperienced operators, despite this, the team filled with new operators, with the support of its core members, has organized several successful events during the year and made Laureamko’s activities visible to the campus students. The Otaniemi campus team has become very attractive during the year, which the team has achieved with its good spirit and activities.

Laureamko active of the year

Elli Mauravaara

Elli has supported many newer active student and new students. During her active career, Elli has developed solid traditions on her own campus, however, openly listening to others. Elli supports and offers others opportunities to try their wings, but remains in the background ready to catch up. Elli spreads enthusiasm for active activities around her and encourages everyone to get involved. Elli meets students and other actors with warmth and genuine friendship.

Tutor of the year

Vilma Vuorinen

Vilma worked as a responsible tutor at a time when there were very few tutors. Vilma was always ready to offer help to other tutors and support them. Vilma was ready to bear the responsibility of tutoring and organizing events even in challenging moments. Vilma took a lot of responsibility for organizing the events and made them high-quality and inviting for new students. Vilma welcomed the new students with warmth and enthusiasm.

Student representative of the year

Valtteri Luonsinen

During the year, Valtteri has been an active student representative, who boldly brings up students’ perspectives in the development group of the esthetics degree and the working life guidance group. During the year, Valtteri has developed his argumentation and negotiation skills and also represented students in a national panel discussion.