Student union of Laurea University of Applied Sciences will have the elections of
the Council of Representatives from 4th of September to 8th of November 2023.

In the elections, the representative council for 2024 will be supplemented as follows: 21
members of the student union will be elected, of which 6 full members and 15 alternate
members. The main operational language of the Council is Finnish, but if needed English
will be used. Elections are held electronically from 1.-8.11.2023.

All members of the student union who have paid their membership fees for the academic
year 2023-2024 or the fall semester 2023 no later than 11.10.2023 12:00 can apply for
the position. Candidates form electoral alliances consisting of 1‐15 candidates.
Candidates can also join already existing electoral alliances. All alliances need to have a
spokesperson who can also be from outside of the alliance. Spokesperson fills out the
electoral alliance establishing form and every candidate fills a candidate form. Electoral
alliances can form electoral coalitions that consist of a maximum of 21 candidates. All
coalitions need to have a spokesperson who fills out the electoral coalition establishing
form. All candidate forms and establishing forms must be filled electronically before
11.10.2023 12:00.

Members, who have paid their membership fees at the latest at 23.10.2023 12:00, are
entitled to vote.

The central election committee will verify the electoral register (the list of voters) in a
meeting on 23.10.2023 16:00. The list can be checked at the office of the student union at
the Tikkurila campus of Laurea UAS in room B507 from 23.10.2023 until the end of the election only by
booking an appointment beforehand. You can do that by sending an email to
[email protected].

Claims for corrections to the electoral register must be made in writing to the Central
Election Committee to address [email protected] at the latest 30.10. 12:00.

All documents needed for the election can be found from student union’s offices
on request and from the student union’s webpage and requested from
[email protected]
With electoral regards,

Carita Törhönen
Central Election Committee
[email protected]