The next semester starts at the end of this month and for a lot of people it also means the beginning of a new school. What things should a new student take into account when they start in a new school? We gathered a small checklist for you here. There is also a page on Laurea’s website for the new students, where you can find information about how to activate your user account and when and where you should be at your first day. We’re not going to repeat those tips here.

  1. Start your studies with a positive attitude and don’t take too much stress if everything seems confusing and difficult. Everyone is nervous when they begin in a new school. There’s going to be so much new information on the first few days and weeks that you can’t remember it all and will probably confuse things. Even though the tutors now seem like old professionals with all the systems used in Laurea, they were in the same position as you are when they began their studies.
  2. Rely on the tutors! They are here specifically for you, the new students. They are happy to answer all your questions and will guide you for example with the school systems or navigating the campus. There are no stupid questions.
  3. Write down your student number (form 19xxxxx) and your group code (for example SNV219SN) because you will need them from the very first day.
  4. Join your student union Laureamko and get all the great membership benefits, for example Zone Sport Services and many student discounts as well as the mobile student card Slice. Note! You can only join Laureamko after you’ve activated your user account and have your student number.
  5. Enjoy your student life! Participate in the first weeks’ student events and get to know your tutors and your school mates. Studying is twice as fun in good company.