Are you going to study in the summer? If you are, you can apply for summer study grant also for June, July and August. For example lectures, internship and thesis are situations in which you can be eligible for summer study grant.

It’s good to remember that summer study grant will cut down months of the whole amount of study grant months. The study grant months used in the summer are also included to income control and they are also counted into the progress of studies.

Kela follows the progress of studies annually in October. Follow-up is about the previous semester (1.8.-31.7.). The studies carried out in August will not be taken into account until the next semester.

You can apply for the summer study grant at Kela’s website via online service. Sign up with online banking or mobile certification. Alternatively, you can fill and print the change notification and post a paper application to Kela or deliver it to Kela’s service point.

You should apply for the summer study grant on time. You can receive it at the earliest from the beginning of the month in which the application is in Kela. Compared to previous years, the application for summer study grant no longer needs text in the ”more information” -field, so leave the additional information field empty in the application, unless you have something very special. That’s how you will get the decision faster. If there is text in the additional information field, the application will be transferred to the office’s handler and the decision making period will be longer than two weeks.

If you can’t study in the summer and you haven’t received a summer job, you can apply for general housing allowance from Kela.