The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences ARENE has published a statement ( in finnish only) on 16.6.2017 about dangers of short sightness in the politics of academic education. The statement in short below:

ARENE is worried about the fact that in the age group of 20-24 years old a fifth is outside of work or student life. The collapsement of wellbeing in young people is has to be taken seriously, as for example the suicide rate from Kainuu and Kymenlaakso is high. Everybody needs educational opportunities until moving on to worklife.

“Unversities of applied sciences have a significant role in training capable workforce, but also a big role in supporting young peoples welfare and employment in their own regions. This is a good thing to think about while we are building a vision for Finland’s academic education and research for the year 2030” says the ARENE chairman principle Tapio Varmola

Unversity of applied sciences study methods of combining theory and practicality help young people to find their strenghts. This has a big meaning on the confidence develompent and supporting wellbeing. The point of developing academic education and opportunities for education has to be that the young people have as large as possible choice of possibilites.

“Developing Universities of applied sciences and their networks is far thought educational politics. The possibilites for young people to get to academic studies has to improved by giving more resources to Universtities of applied Sciences” says Tapio Varmola.