In this spring we have two elections – Parliamentary Elections and European Parliamentary Elections. The election day of the Parliamentary Elections is 14th of April and the election day of the European Parliamentary Elections is 26th of May. In both elections we have big decisions to make. Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and National Union of University Students in Finland have built students campaign together. Main things of this campaign are: students livelihood,

Sufficient livelihood is the base of welfare. That’s why we want raising of 100e to student grant. Young adults and students should also take notice of reform of socialsecuritysystem. Third theme we want to emphasize is climate change. It is the biggest generation political issue in our time. Finland needs to be among the first to fight against climate change.

Our message to decision-makers is: We don’t only have solutions, we are the solution. We want, that students show in these elections. We want decision-makers who can see farther than to this electoral term. We want that result of the elections ensure better future to us. Use your right to vote and vote for the better future!